What is royalptr.com? Is Royalptr Scam?

What is royalptr.com? Is Royalptr Scam?

If you are searching for  Royalptr reviews to find out What is Royalptr, Wheteher Royalptr Scam or Legit? and Whether Royalptr real or fake? Then you came into the right page. In this Royalptr review, We will discuss  Royalptr Background, Royalptr complaints and Royalptr paymet proofs and many more. Before you read our Royalptr review as given below, We want to tell you that we added this site into our “Avoid Scams” section because it is a 100% scam website. This site does not pay to any one. In  the given review, You can find out more reasons to declared it a scam. So now you know, Royalptr is a Scam website and looking for the sites which really pay then you can find the list of Good and trusted sites by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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Now Let’s start our Royalptr review as  given below.

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What is Royalptr? Why It is a Bad site?

There is no information provide on the Royalptr website about who runs or operates this website. Royalptr domain was also registered privately so it is hard to tell the who is the owner of this site. Howevern Royalptr domain was registered on 29 March, 2012.

Royalptr is a Paid to read site which claims that you will earn up to €200 for each email you read. They also claim to pay €100 on each PTC ad you click. Other than PTC and PTR ads, they are also providing you $1000 when you join their site. Have you heard a Legit PTR site which pay you $200 for reading one email? obviously, Not.  Royalptr business model is totally fake and Royalptr is not only the single site there are many sites which are similar to this site, Fmptr, Genuineptr are one of them.

Sites like Royalptr mostly target the people which are new in the online work. New members search to find out an easy way to make money online and when they come across these type of website they think it is a big opportunity to make good money online and they fall into their scam.

These type of sites generates revenue from selling advertisement. Royalptr will only make profit when they will charge advertiser to more than €200 for each PTR ad. Now think about it, If you are an advertiser and you want to promote your product through email, Will you pay more than $100 for each email ad? obviously, you will not. More than that, Many legit PTR sites provides 1000 PTR ads only on $1. So, what is the reason they are charging that much amount of money from the advertiser? The reason is very simple, There is no advertiser and they are only here to scamming people.

When you work on theRoyalptr they will show you that you are earning for the work you did. But, In reality when you reached the minimum cashout limit which is $20000 in Royalptr and request for payout they will not pay you. if you contact them regarding your pending payment, they will ask you to upgrade your account to get payment. If you think that upgrading your account you will get money, It is your mistake. They also don’t pay to upgraded members. All the payment proofs which are showing on their website are completely fake. Till date no one member got paid from this site.

Sites like Royalptr also make money b y selling your personal information to third parties.They get your email id, name, address when you signup on their system. Your account can be in danger if you are providing your payment processor details to them. So you should always be careful before working on these sites.


Royalptr is a completely fake website, So stay away from this site and the sites which are similar to Royalptr. If you are looking for the site form  which you can earn full-time income online, then you can know about that company by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any question about Royalptr or any other site, Then please leave your comment below. We are happy to help you.