What is Sabika Jewelry? Is Sabika Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for the company name Sabika-Jewelry.com? This article is totally about the Sabika. In this Sabika review we are going to answer some of the most important and asked questions like, is Sabika Scam? Or is Sabika Legit? Or is Sabika Fake? Or is Sabika Real? We are non-biased review writer and we are going to present you the right picture of the Sabika. We are going to discuss each and every aspects of this company like, Sabika Jewelry complaints, background of the Sabika and its owner information, Sabika Jewelry compensation plan, about earining on Sabika site, Fake Sabika Jewelry made by other companies, and so on. If you do not want to read the whole article and want us to provide you the brief of this article then we can provide that but you should read the whole article. It is better for understanding the work of the company. We do Not Recommend the Sabika site or company. It does not mean that it is a scam site. No not at all. It is a pretty much genuine and good company on the legitimate ground. But the earning on this site is hard and the reasons we are going to discuss in our article below.

What is Sabika-Jewelry.com Is Sabika-Jewelry Scam or Legit Is Sabika-Jewelry Real or Fake Sabika Jewelry Review, Sabika-Jewelry

Let us start our review

Sabika is not a scam site as we have already told. The company product are good and it is paying its member or affiliates on time even though their products are much expensive still the company is genuine. The main and only reason behind our not recommendation is the compensation plan of the Sabika. If you follow it, you will find out that it is very hard to earn good money in comparison to the time and the effort one is putting in this work. If you observe their payment or income disclosure statement then you will find that 93% of the affiliates are earning only around $160 per month. The catch point is that in order to work in this company one has to pay around $250 per month to buy starter kit. It seems that for majority of the people it is not even possible to earn the money they have deposited in this company. And the time and money you will invest is not going to reward you the good money. Income disclosure is itself a proof that majority of people are not able to earn good money in this company due to company plans and become unsuccessful. We would recommend you this site if there is no other option available on the internet. On the internet there are many sites present that are genuine and pay its members according to their efforts.

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What is Sabika-Jewelry.com is about? Background of Sabika

Actually, the Sabika Company is working on an MLM scheme. MLM stands for “Multi-level Marketing” scheme in which a member has to make sale of company products and they can make new member under them to avail the benefits of the commission earned on the income of their recruits. Like every other MLM company, Sabika is offering its member an opportunity to earn money by selling their product which is the women jewelry.

The best measurement to know about the company legitimacy is based on their transparency level. The more the transparency the more will be the company credibility and public trust on it. The Sabika Jewelry was founded by the Karin Mayr, in 2001. The domain name of the company is www. Sabikajwelery .com is registered in 2005. This detail is provided in the WHOIS records. The owner address one can find is the 510 Miranda RD, Pittsburgh, US. The key people working in this company are Mr. Konrad Mayr as a VP Operations and Finance, Mrs. Karin Mayr as a CEO, Fouder and Mrs. Michelle Green as a Controller of Sabika Jewelry.

How to earn money on Sabika Jewelry?

First, the member should understand that before start selling the company products or recruiting new members, they have to pay $250 to the company to buy Sabika Starter Kit. This kit includes a pre-selection of Sabika Jewelry, a portable jewelry display pad and start-up materials and Sabika Business Supplies. After buying this starter kit you become eligible to sell their products. To sell their products you need to throw parties and also you need to recruit new members who will do the same work as you are doing.

As per the company requirement one has to host two parties within a first month of their joining. And also you have to sell the product worth of $1500. Similarly, in 2 month you have to host 3 parties and sell the product work of $2500 worth of products. Do not you believe that the compensation plan of Sabika is quit hard? Only those people can become successful in this company who have the complete knowledge of the MLM and its working and also whose specialty is in hosting the parties. Otherwise, the people, especially the newbies are going to lose their money that they are invested to buy their starter kit worth of $250. To understand what we are trying to say, you should once see their income disclosure statement. It will give you the wide perspective of thing which we are trying to tell you.

There are many points available about which we want to talk about like the company discrepancies but we are not going to talk about such things. The main things you should understand is that to earn via MLM only those people can earn who understand the marketing strategy completely. The competition in jewelry business is very high. There are many online sites are competing with each other where every kind of products are available. The market is saturated and there is not much scope is left where a person can sell the product of the Sabika Jewelry. The Sabika Jewelry is also available in the online shopping sites like e-bay which makes the work of their affiliates more difficult to sell the products.

The jewelry of the company is very expensive. We can say that because there was a company who used to copy the design of the Sabika and sell it in much lower price. The company was sued by the Sabika but it makes clear that the price of the Sabika is much higher than it should in real. The company did not refresh their income disclosure statements from 2014. It may be because the incomes of their affiliates are not good in later years. There may be other reasons also but one point is very much clear i.e. earning on this site is very-hard.


Sabika is Not Recommend by us due to various reasons discuss above. We place only those sites in our Good and Trusted work section those have good programs, in which one can earn decent amount of money and which involves low risk of the money. One can work on this site to earn money. It is totally your decision. We have just provided our review without being biased or being influenced by anything. We have seen many sites working online that are operating on the same kind of business. But there is much scope available on other sites that are available in our Promising Section as well as Trusted and Legit work section.

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If you have any doubt about the Sabika Jewelry Company, please write us below in our comment section. We will be happy to listen to you.