What is Salarydaily.com? Is Salarydaily Scam?

What is Salarydaily.com? Is Salarydaily Scam?

Are you Surfing the internet to know about the Salarydaily.com? You have just arrived at the right place to get the answer related to Salarydaily. This site claims to give $10 to its members by doing the easy tasks. We all know that earning money is not easy task but they are claiming on their site. Such high claims of company give rise to some questions like, Is Salarydaily Scam? Or is Salarydaily Legit? Or is Salarydaily Real? Or Salarydaily Fake? These are the most common question arise in the mind of the readers while reading about the Salaydaily Review. To get the answer without reading the article then we will say that ‘yes’ Salarydaily is a scam site and avoid it as soon as possible.

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How Salarydaily works? Why are we claiming it a scam site?

We know that many scam sites are working on the internet. They are launching such sites on daily basis. The theme of Salarydaily site is ditto of many sites which we have declared a scam site for example theme of Salarydaily is same as of Salarydone website. By this we can make a guess that such sites are operated by same people who own the previous scam sites. They also have similar type of plan and statistics on their site.

They claim that they are providing ‘Easiest way to earn money’. So question arise, how they are giving the money or what plan they have? Any person having an email id can register him/her on their site without any verification and get $25 immediately on their account created on the Salarydaily website. They will provide some easy task and you have to complete those task. They will give $10 for every task performed by members. Members can see the accumulation of their money in the account of user in the Salarydaily.

Now, if user wants to withdraw their money, they will not be able to do that because they have one condition that user must have minimum payout of $300 in to their account. If somebody has $300 in his/her account then also they will not be going to get any money. What they do is that they say to users that their request of withdrawing money is in process and it will take one month approx to clear their amount. If user wants to withdraw their money urgently then they tell them to pay to upgrade their withdrawing process. They sometime also offer them to do paid survey for them. They will ask you something to do after every task you perform and at the last they will not pay the users. Their aim is not to give money to people but to get money from users.

Salarydaily does not provide the owner information. It is the same feature that one can find in every scam sites. They purposely hide the information because it will make easy to run away with people money leaving no trail to catch them. With transparency comes credibility and trust but this site is lacking everything on ethical grounds.

They also ask user to give their personal information to them during registration or while performing any ‘easy task’. This way they sell users information to third part and acquire revenue for themselves. To pay user their earned money, they ask their financial information. To receive money, users happily share their account detail. Many hackers took advantage of people dumbness. It makes users very vulnerable in-front of hackers.


Salarydaily is purely a scam site and we advise you to avoid it. No one will earn any money from this site. They are just using the people emotion to ‘earn money online easily’ for their advantage. We should understand the basic thing that nobody will pay anybody easily in the real world. To earn money hard work is the prerequisite.

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If you have any more queries about Slarydaily write it on the comment box. We will be pleased to help you.