What is Salarydone.com? Is Salarydone Scam?

What is Salarydone.com? Is Salarydone Scam?

Scams are the new trend of modern world especially on internet. Earning money easily is the new motto of people and especially from home. Salarydone.com is one of the sites who offer users to earn money in easy way by only doing referral tasks. The question arises, is Salarydone fake? Or Salarydone is real? Or is Salarydone a legit site? Or is Salarydone a scam? To know the answers of these questions you need to read our article on Salarydone review. If you need answer without the reasons then ‘yes’, this site is fake and not legit. You will not going to earn money but may end in losing your own hard earn money.

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How does Salarydone Work? Is Salarydone a fake site?

Earning money is not the easy task but company like Salarydone make it easy for everyone to earn money in easy way by just registering on the site. Yes, you read it right,  Salarydone offer you $25 by just registering on the site. Isn’t this amazing? It said that user can earn $10 on every referral you make. Users spent their time to make new referral so that they can earn more money. Company had a condition which states that, if users wanted to get their money (which they have earned on their site) they have to reach a minimum payout amount of $300. When you apply to draw your money out then they first do not work on your request. They systematically test your patience and told users that one month will be needed to process their request. After it, they say that if you want your money urgent then you should pay for it or do some survey for them. These surveys are paid surveys for which you have to pay from your own. The company gets commission from the third party for the surveys that you had done for them. At last, after completing all tasks they did not give any money to users because of the simple reason that is they did not want to give you money from the beginning of your registration.

Company claim that they transfer money through Paypal but what they wanted is your personal and financial information. Personal information like emails and addresses is sold by the company to third party.  Even your financial details with them make you more vulnerable and an easy prey for hackers. Salarydone site use you and your referral to generate traffic on their sites and earn money through advertisements.

On  Salarydone  website they show some statistics of ‘Today Earned’ money and ‘Today Paid’ money to user. ‘Today Paid’ is more that ‘Today Earned’ money which means that company is paying more than what it is earning. It indicates that company is not getting any profit. It should be understood here is that no company works if it is not earning any revenue. This means that Salarydone is fake and a Scam site.

The lucrative statistics and easy way to make money advertisements help these sites to catch the attention or attract the users towards their site. By this they use the people time and money for their own benefit.

The information of owner is also not shared on the site which makes it more suspicious. Scammers hide their identity so that they can shut their site any time without any responsibility and say to the people who are registered on their site. Companies like this earn money from every angle, like through traffic generate by users, their referrals distributed by people, the money user pay to get their own money and also through the surveys done by users for some third party.


The best way to not get in the vicious circle of scam is to avoid it. The time and money users spend in their site generate traffic for the site and user get nothing from them because their intentions are not to give money but to earn money no matter the way is legit or not. Avoid such site in the beginning.

There are many legitimate sites available on internet through which you can earn extra income. We strongly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has helped many people to earn money online from its beginning in 2005. To know more about our review on Wealthy Affiliate, you can visit the link onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any Question on your mind about Salarydone and want to ask something about Salarydone then please drop a comment in our comment Box. We are happy to help you.