What is Salogg.com? Is Salogg Scam

What is Salogg.com? Is Salogg Scam

If you are searching the web to know more about  Salogg.com, you have arrived at the right destination. Earning money is everybody desire. If we are able to earn money easily then it is like cherry on the cake. Many companies on the internet are offering people to earn money very easily. Yes you read it right. There are many benevolent website that are helping people to earn money by doing very easy task.  Salogg is one of the websites which offering people to earn $50-$100 from them daily. If some questions arising inside you like, is  Salogg Scam? Or is  Salogg Legit? Or is  Salogg Real? Or is  Salogg Fake? Then you are getting the sarcasm. In this  Salogg Review we are going to resolve above stated questions. If you want to lower you burden of reading a full article then we say that ‘yes  Salogg is a scam site’. Many websites already declared scam in our site like Salarydaily, salarydone and freshcash have the same theme and offers like  Salogg, except right hand-image and logo. Avoid it in the beginning and do not waste your time and resources in this site.

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What is  Salogg.com Is  Salogg Scam or Legit Is  Salogg Real or Fake  Salogg Review  Salogg


How does Salogg works?

Owner of this website is not known and we are not even able to find the philanthropist who is behind it. They did not provide any information of any personal or the director of website on their website. Even they have also guarded their WHOIS records. It means they intentionally do not want anybody to know about them. Since, nobody in this world will able to provide job and money to anyone without any information. It simply indicates that they are not genuine website. It may turn into scam also, lets read further.

Once you register yourself on their website, your account (which is opened also on their website) will show you $25 credited as a sign up bonus. This is amazing earning $25 by just singing up. Wait for further offers. When a user do easy task as asked by website then, he/she will get $10 for every task complete. As per the company, small task will take only 30 sec to complete. For records, whatever they are claiming till now is done by company and after every task your account will be credited.

Now, user needs to withdraw their money. Company has one condition i.e. of minimum payout. Minimum payout is the minimum amount user must have in their account before requesting for withdrawn. If users have enough money to meet out the minimum payout limit, the company will tell they are processing their request. It generally took one month in process. If user wants to withdraw money urgently then they ask them to pay for up-gradation of the process or complete some paid survey for them. Even if you pay or complete the survey then also they will not give any money to anyone because they do not have any intention to pay anyone. Yes, that is true. Complaints of not paying can be found in any forum.

Salogg companies ask user to give their information to them. This way they accumulate big data and sell the data to third party. This is one of the ways to generate revenue. They are going to earn money from other ways like, they ask user to give their financial details so that they will pay to them. But in reality release of financial details make user very vulnerable from the attack of hackers. Do not share your financial details with anyone.  Salogg provide a link to generate traffic for their site and in reward they are going to pay $10 for every referral. Many genuine companies also use referral programs to increase their traffic but they offer commission and that is also very low. They are offering $10 which is very high and not viable for any kind of business entity. Through this they are not going to sustain for long.


Monemylife is purely a scam website. They never pay to anyone. Do not fall in the trap of easy earning because they are saying right, but the easy earning is for them and not for you. Getting $10 for doing rubbish task make no sense. Use your wisdom before using your resources for anonymous person.

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If you have any queries about  Salogg then please feel free to ask by dropping your valuable comment in the comment box.