Sanbux Review – Scam or Legit?

Sanbux Review – Scam or Legit?

Introduction to Sanbux:

Sanbux has been online since 2014 and the owner of the Sanbux is Syed Naveed from India. The owner is new so there is no past record in online industry. But owner of the Sanbux does not hide his prosnal details so it can be the plus point for this site. It is new site so we cant say more about it is legit or scam but if this site runs succesfully for 2 years then it can be considerd as a legit site.Sanbux review - scam or Legit

Name: Sanbux
Rating: 50 out of 100
Owner: Syed Naveed
Price to join: Free
Link to join:

What is Sanbux:

Sanbux is the combination of PTC ( Paid to click) sites and revenue sharing sites. It is like paidverts with additional feature of paid to click. You can earn money by viewing PTC ads and Bnous ads.

How to earn money in Sanbux:

You can earn money in Sanbux in following ways:
1. Viewing PTC ads
2. Viewing Bonus ads

Viewing PTC ads(Micro and fixed ads):

You can earn money in Sabux by viewing PTC ads. The ads are same like other PTC sites. You will see two types of ads micro ads and fixed ads. You will earn for viewing them for a fixed amount of time. After login, you can find these ads by clicking on ‘Earn cash’ on the top of the menu followed by ‘view PTC ads’.

Viewing Bonus ads( Real cash value ads)

The second way to earn money in Sanbux by viewing Bonus ads. Bonous ads are the same like PTC ads but you will get these ads only when you have Bonous Ad points.
Bonus ad points (BAPs) are the real cash value points. You need to have minimum of 75 BAPs to recieve bonous ads. Each bonus Ad point is equal to $0.01  of cash value. You can get value ads up to $2,$5 ,$10 and more depend on the numbers of BAPS you have. The more BAPs you have, the more value ads you will recieve.  You will get 10 bonus ads dailyYou can find these ads by clicking on ‘Earn cash’ on the top menu followed by Bonus Ads.

You need to buy bonus ad pack to get BAP. This is the only way to get BAP. If you purchase $1 bonous ad pack you will get 145 BAP. 1 BAP give you $0.01 then 145 BAP will give you $1.45 worth of ads. It means If you buy $1 bonous ad pack you will get $1.45 worth of ads. You will get $0.45 profit as soon as possible.Purchasing $1 bonus ad pack not only give you $0.45 profit, But it also give you 25 unique menber visits and 1000 banners.

To purchase bonus ad pack, you need to add fund. To add fund, go to “purchase balance” and select the payment processor by which you want to add fund. When your fund is avilable then click on the “create” on the top of the menu and then click “PTC adverts”. After that click on the Bonus ad points and create campaign and enter the details.

Note: You don’t need Bonus Ad points to receive other PTC ads. Wih zero BAPs  you can also earn cash by viewing micro das and fixed but your earning will be low if you not have active referrals.
The more BAPs you have, the more value ads you will get. To know about the percentage of cash  value ads you will recieve, see the BAP group levels

Level 1 members will receive 3.00% cash value ads.
Level 2 members will receive 5.00% cash value ads.
Level 3 members will receive 7.00% cash value ads.
Level 4 members will receive 10.00% cash value ads.
Level 5 members will receive 13.00% more high value ads.
Level 6 members will receive 16.00% more high value ads.
Level 7 members will receive 20.00% more high value ads.
Level 8 members will receive 25.00% more high value ads which is the top most level of all.

How to earn more money in Sanbux:

By purchasing bonus ad packs you can earn good money in sanbux You can also muliply your income by referrals. Sanbux has rented referrals features in which you can rent peoples and they will earn for you. Most of the times rented referrals becomes inactive and you lose your money. However, they say they don’t run any referrals system and you will get only real members. They also set the rented referrals limit up to 250 only so every member could  get  a chance to earn referral commisions. The cost of each rented referrals will be $0.2 for 30 days.Most of the times rented referrals become active and you lose money so it is better to leve it and try to make direct referrals.

Direct referrals are the referrals which you refer. There is no limit on direct referrals. The more referreals you will make, the more commisons you will get. If dont know the way to get free direct referrals then you need to lean about internet marketing. To visit no.1 internet marketing training program Click Here

The commisons are same for both direct referrals and rented referrals.You will get 5% commision on your referral click and  if your referrals purcahse bonus ad pack you will get 10 % commisions. It means if your referral click $1 bonous ads you will get $0.05 and if your referral purchase $1 bonous ad pack you will get $0.10 commisons.

Upsides of Sanbux:

It has forum and support is very good.
It is paying on time to their members.
You can have unlimited direct referrals.

Downsides of Sanbux:

It is a new site and the owner of the site has no past record in the online industry. So try to work as a free user and invest the money which you can manage to lose or invest only the money which you earn by working on Sanbux.
It is different model than other PTC sites. But it also has the rented referral features. Many times we have seen rented referrals are not of worth. They become inactive and you will not get commisons. So you can lose your money in rented referrals. Instead of renting referrals, Making direct referrals and purchasing  bonous ad packs will be a good option for you. For every $1 bonous ad purchase, you will get $0.45. To know about the idea of getting direct referrals Click Here

If you have any doubt about Sanbux or want to give feedback about this page. Please feel free to drop your comment below. We will reply in jiffy