What is Shaklee.com? Is Shaklee Scam or legit?

If you are looking to know about the site Shaklee.com then you are reading the right article. In this Shaklee Review, we are going to discuss much about this site working and drawbacks. There are some general questions also asked by many people from us like, is Shaklee Scam? Or is Shaklee Legit? Or is Shaklee Fake? Or is Shaklee Real? Or is Shaklee MLM or not? Is Shaklee Pyramid or not? In order to get the answer to such questions, you have to read the whole article. But, if you are not interested to read the whole article and want to the crux of the review immediately then we want to say that Shaklee is not a scam company. We are placing this company in our “Promising section” instead of “Trusted and Legit” Work because we find that it is very hard to earn money on this company. The marked for it is almost saturated and there is a big risk of losing money instead of earning. It is because before start earning money on this site you have to invest at least $49.95/month.

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What Shaklee.com Is Shaklee Scam or Legit Is Shaklee Real or Fake Shaklee Review, Shaklee

Let us start our review of Shaklee

Before discussing the background and other stuff, we want to make it clear that we are placing the Shaklee in our Promising section. The reason behind it is a very simple i.e. high risk of losing your money instead of earning. The company is offering member to invest $49.95 per month to just become eligible as a Shaklee distributor. The rates of the Shaklee products are high as compare to other site products. The Shaklee brand is unpopular and there is very high competition in the market. But still the company is paying to its members on time and that is also for a very long time. The quality of Shaklee products is not poor or is good which you can sell without hesitation. We have found many positive reviews from the customers who are using their product. Therefore, we placed it in our Promising section.

What is Shaklee is about and it’s Background of Shaklee

Shaklee is not a new company. It is working from 1956. By this, you can automatically know the company is very old. Therefore, the question of legitimacy is not there. The products in which company deals are like  Shaklee minerals, Shaklee skin cares, Shaklee essential oil, Shaklee vivix, Shaklee vitamins, Shaklee protein powder and so on.

The question of being a scam company does not arise at the company is purely working to sell its product and they are not scamming because to scam people they have to focus more on making recruitment. Shaklee is working on an MLM scheme which a legal scheme. Moreover, the company is working from 1956 they have survived for a very long time. Scam companies in any work do not survive that much. Therefore, the Shaklee is pretty much legit and genuine site. They are not working on a Pyramid scheme which is an illegal scheme. Even though the MLM and Pyramid scheme is differentiated by a very thin line, still both the scheme has a different function.

If you want to understand completely the difference between the “MLM” and Pyramid scheme then you should read our article on Pyramid scheme also. To read the article, please click the link given:

The scheme which provides you the opportunity to earn money on Shaklee site is the “MLM” business. But as we have already told to become their distributor you have to invest $49.95 per month. To know about, what is MLM scheme? You can simply click the link: “https://onlineincomeresources.com/what-is-multi-level-marketing-mlm-about-is-mlm-a-scam

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How to earn money on Shaklee site?

Now, we believe that you have understood how “MLM” scheme works. So like other MLM business, the Shaklee site is also providing you the product to sell and also you have to recruit people downline. This way you will earn a commission in both ways. But as it seems, in reality, it is not simple. Many people try avails the benefits of “MLM” business but failed. They failed due to the company or because of their wrong strategy. To convince people or recruit them is a very hard task. It is because the company does not set as a brand and there is a lot of competition in the market. There are many other products available on other site or company available that are good as well as whose prices are also lower in comparison. Not only this, the best products of the Shaklee are unlocked until you invest $299 per month and $599 per month to get Gold and Gold Plus membership. Therefore, to start your earning on the Shaklee you have to invest a pretty good amount of money. It is purely a risk if your intention is to earn money from this site. You have to be extremely good at selling the product. There are more than 90% people failed to earn any money on this site and end up investing the money. So, it is purely your choice to work on this site or not. It is because there is an opportunity with known difficulties.

Drawbacks of Shaklee site

  1. Complicated compensation plan: You will not be able to understand their compensation plan that creates confusion among members. It is not a major issue because many MLM sites do the same work.
  2. Expensive membership: The member is expensive as compare to MLM business in Shaklee site. If you do not make new recruit or members and also not able to sell their product then it will be very difficult for you to even earn your invested money.
  3. Purchasing of a product is free selling is expensive: Yes, it is true you can buy their product for free of cost but in order to sell their product first, you have to purchase their membership which we have already talked above in our article.
  4. Expensive Product: products of Shaklee which makes the task of selling their product more difficult for the distributors.


Shaklee is 100% legit non-scam company. With our research and arguments stated above, we are placing it our “Promising section“. You can work on this site. But if you want to know about the other sites that help people to earn money online and also pay them as per their work then you should see our list of legit site. In our website you will find the section name “Trusted and Legit” work, which can be accessed by simply clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

The most recommended company for us is the “Wealthy Affiliate” Company. It helps people to earn a fulltime income and have an online business. This company is mentoring people for 13 years and also provides different training programs to understand the basics and advanced level of the internet marketing. To know more information about the “Wealthy Affiliate” Company working, click the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you are not interested to know about the Shaklee site, please mention it in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.


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