What is Bitpow.io? Is Bitpow Scam or Legit?

What is Bitpow.io? Is Bitpow Scam or Legit?

Are you looking to know about Bitpow.io? Your search ends at the right place and you are going to get the answers of all questions troubling you about Bitpow. In this Bitpow review we are going to tackle some problems that generally create trouble like, is Bitpow Scam? Or is Bitpow Legit? Or is Bitpow Real? There are various ways to earn money and investment market is one of the ways which provide good money with risk. But, if one wisely use its investment plans then they also earn good money. Similarly like investment market new cryptocurrency investment market emerged in recent years. They also have their own risks and volatility. The cryptocurrency especially bitcoins are used all over the world and their increasing rate is also attracting many people every day. There are various website like Bitpow are operating that offering the good returns and no risk guarantee in volatile market. If you do not want to read further Bitpow review then, Bitpow is Not Recommended by us. Bitpow is working on a ponzi scheme. The ponzi scheme is the one in which company pays to its old members from the money deposited by the new member and they have no other sources from where they will generate revenue for it and for members.

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What is Bitpow.io Is Bitpow Scam or Legit Is Bitpow Real or Fake Bitpow Review, Bitpow

How does Bitpow works?

In the beginning, we want to clear that this is a bitcoin investment company. They are working only on bitcoins and also providing very great offers. The investment plans are the one which is the core of the investment company. The investment plans should be viable and also reliable which provide sustainability to the company also. The investment plans provided by Bitpow are: first, 8.40% interest daily on the minimum deposit of 0.001BTC; maximum deposit of 4.99999BTC. Second plan, 9.6% interest daily on the minimum deposit of 5BTC and maximum deposit of 19.99999BTC. The third and the final plans, 12% interest daily on the minimum deposit of 20BTC and maximum deposit has no limit, it is unlimited. The interest rates are good and they are very lucrative also. Since, company is working in investment market which is volatile in nature. The company is able to guarantee the risk free investment on their website. If company pay as they are claiming then the company will soon going to collapse and it is not wise to invest your hard earned money on the company which is soon going to collapse. The investment offers provided by them are not viable for any business entity to sustain for long time.

The company is also providing 3 levels of affiliate programs with dynamic commission of bonus up to 7%. They are giving commission to its members on 3 levels, 4%, 2% and 1%. Already their investment plans are working to destabilize their company the affiliate programs are working as a last nail into the coffin. It is hard to believe that some company can pay such a huge amount to its members for long time. The company is non reliable and got no realistic plans in their basket to offer. They just want to lure people through high return offers.

The company does not provide any kind of information about their company owner or any personal or experts working on this website or in the company. They are hiding their identity and it makes their credibility as an investment company near zero. They are not providing any information it means there is no transparency. The company does not provide transparency about itself then there is no ground on which one could trust them. If we are not able to trust anybody then how could you trust them with your hard earned money.

The company tried to provide their authenticity through the registration certificate of their company. The registration certificate is of UK Companies Registration under the company name BITCOIN POWER LIMITED and company number 11038429.It is authentic certificate. But while doing our home work we found out that registering a company on the UK Companies is like a cake walk. One has to pay just 20GBP to become an owner of a registered company. In our Not Recommended list there are almost every website got the certificate from the UK Companies and many of them already turned into a scam site. It is highly advisable that do not invest your money in this company because they have got nothing in their support to be an authentic Investment Company. The companies knows that there will be very few investors going to concerned about company authenticity because they are providing high returns and people will be willing to believe them due to their greed to earn money.


We do Not Recommended Bitpow Company due to various reasons stated above. Our concerned is very simple i.e. we do not want anybody to cheat and fool others on the basis of lucrative offers. They should provide authenticity of their company. They may pay initially because many companies do. After sometime they will stop payments or give only selective payments. So, do not become prey of unscrupulous people working to loot other only by using our human nature (i.e. greed).

In our website we have provided list of some good companies and Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one which got apex position among other website. Wealthy Affiliate Company works continuously from last 12 years and still working. They have various programs to offers online. To know more about Wealthy Affiliate Company please visit our page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any more doubt regard Bitpow then feel free to ask us by dropping your comment in our comment section.