Scam Alert: Is a Scam Website!!

Hello friends, we encounter a site name  and the way it is offering a discount on its product is very good from a consumer point of view.

So, we did our research about them and we are going to provide our finding to you. In this Shopnowone Review, we will answer some questions like is Shopnowone Scam or Legit?

Online shopping or e-commerce is growing at a rapid speed and we have not touched its potential yet. We know it is a trillion dollar market. Many players have involved in this market.

Amid these players, there are many sites that are working to scam people and loot their money. We can say that because we encounter such kind of sites on daily basis.

On the internet, everyday thousands of scam sites launch which work for just a specific period of time and then shut-down.

Shopnowone is one of those thousands of sites that are working to scam people. This is not a right site where you should do your online shopping, no matter how awesome is the discount. It is because you will never receive your product and if you receive your product then it will be of very bad quality. We do Not Recommend this site and keep a distance from this site.

We have reviewed many sites working online that is the scam and loot the people. If you want to explore the those sites and their working then you can see our Avoid Scam list, here:

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Scam Alert Is a Scam Website!!

What is Shopnowone and how it works?

There are many sites working online where one can shop and buy the product. Shopnowone claims to be one of them and basically it is one of them with a slight difference. This site is working on e-commerce business and provide different variety of product on its site.

Their working is very much similar to any other online shopping site. You can buy a product on this site at a very discount rate.

They are providing almost 50% discount on every product. We know many sites provide the discount on their product. But they do not provide on every product available on their site.

Cons of Shopnowone

  1. Discount on every product, 24*7: we all like a discount, but on this site, you will get a discount on every product, also the whole year (if they stay).

This is the way scam sites work, they lure people and then scam them. No genuine company provides the discount on its every product.

Also, famous companies do not provide discount 24*7. They mark some specific dates or week to declare a big sale on their site.

Contrary to genuine site Shopnowone is providing 24*7 discount.

  1. No owner information: we believe that you might know about the owner of Amazon, Alibaba e-commerce site. It is because they are the genuine site. They know the importance of transparency. It builds trust and company brand.

Shopnowone does not believe in transparency they have to hide their owner information from people and nobody knows who own this site.

Wherever money is linked transparency become vital. Here, Shopnowone fails completely.


  1. Not receive the order: many people have complained that they did not receive their order even waiting for more than 30 days. Nobody response to their complaints on the site.
  2. Bad quality product: many people have a complaint that they did not receive the product shown on the site. The quality of the product they receive was poor and not worthy.
  3. Auto-debit: some complaints that the company charges them without their knowledge after 3-4 months and the surprising part is that they did not buy anything (this might be the reason behind they did not provide cash-on-delivery).

This is a scam site so the people working here are not ethical. They are going to use you in every possible way.

During sign up the company wants you to provide information about you. They ask both personal as well as financial information. Later, they sell its members information to the third party.

They use people financial information to theft their account by auto-debiting. Never provide your information to such sites that are not good or known well. It is to secure your money.


Shopnowone is a Scam site and we do not recommend. Keep a distance from this site as it is not good for anything. You are not receiving any discount on this site but you are helping scammers to scam you.

Do not fall on their lucrative claims and never provide your financial information to any site which is not famous. It helps you to save your money getting scam.

Beware of these sites and also aware people in your social circle by spreading the news.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Shopnowone, do not feel shy to share it with us. We will be happy to help you.


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