What is Shorte.st? Is Shorte Scam or legit?

What is Shorte.st? Is Shorte Scam or legit?

Dear reader, if you are looking to get the review about the Shorte.st then you have arrived at the right page. We are going to provide you the insight of Shorte and answer to some mostly asked questions. Questions like, is Shorte Scam? Or is Shorte Legit? OR is Shorte Fake? Or is Shorte Real? Shorte is a site that shortens your URL’s and place an intermediary. It is a “continue button”, which has to be clicked to reach the desire page. You will earn money every time when somebody click this ‘continue button’. If you are not interested to read the full article want to know about the Shorte site in a nutshell then we can provide you that also. Shorte is legit site. Yes, it is not a scam. The reasons to declare it not a scam site we will discuss below. It will be our advice to understand the Shorte working, please read the full article.

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What is Shorte.st Is Shorte Scam or Legit Is Shorte Real or Fake Shorte Review, Shorte

How does Shorte work? Its background

Any company credibility increase with the information they share with its members. The level of transparency is directly proportional to the trust level it got from public. It is good for the company who share the information about their owner and team. The Shorte is legit because they have provided their founder, co-founder and team member names. This show that the company is genuine and we also check the WHOIS records. The details are also matching it means the company is not hiding their information. Hiding information in WHOIS records is a very common feature among the scam sites. This site is Europe based. Their location is in Poland. Let’s start to know more about the site.

Basically, Shorte is a platform for the advertisers to publish their ads. Using the Shorte.st URL, when someone open a certain URL then the intermediary page comes up in which a website is embedded in it. Best thing is that it will not disastrous for your professionalism. And you can make an extra money using it. It hides your website until someone click the “continue” button, therefore, no risk to your site reputation. These intermediaries that are making extra money for you is not going to put load on your server, it is because the ads aren’t shown on “your” server.

Shorte is getting paid for embedding the site and you are earning because it is your URL which is making an impression. Shorte claims that it only advertise the authentic advertisements which they validate, verified and authenticated. It simply means that they do not allow any scam site to advertise and which is good for everybody. It will not allow your visitors to see any non-authorize or bad advertisement like of pornography, Gambling, and others.

Shorte help you to not only make money but it makes your job easy. It made the URL short which look nice and also seems more professional. For example, www.anthyingto work.com/article/blog/1234/ityourway/12345 it not cool. It is not even shareable but on the other hand http://sh.st/wJgZ0 is better. Shorte helps to add more links in a short space. It helps you to promote more product and hence help you to get more sales done which is beneficial for you. It not only looks good but subtract unnecessary things from your URL. It makes the URL more shareable, which ultimately help in your earning because the more your URL is shared more will be your income.

Shorte tools and advance features

Shorte helps its members to use their tool to earn more money easily or help them in monetization. Its service and tools help to integrate and use the Shorte URL with ease.

  1. Mass Shrinker: it is one of the option or a utility that shrink more than one URL in a single click. It allow more 10-15 URLs to get into a single page with a single click. It professionally shortened your URL which seems good and helps you in your pursuit to earn money.
  2. Affiliate Programs: this program is used widely online. In this program, a member has to make new affiliate for the company by promoting their site in different platforms of social media. Since the member are the working horse in this program, the company pays to its members a commission. Shorte also got an Affiliate Program which will boost your earning. Their affiliate program work similar to the other affiliate program. The Shorte is offering a 20% commission as a referral income to its members. You will earn 20% commission on your referral work forever, this is exciting! It means you are going to earn money even if you are not working.
  3. Advanced Website Scripts: it helps you to monetize your whole website. It adds a line of code on the site and allow ads to be shown to every user or reader who come to your site. It helps you to get more impressions and clicks.
  4. Custom Triggers: It helps you to decide some advanced and custom options. They adds up the way you want to add the ads that is served.
  5. Exit Intent: it monetize your bounce rate. It always show the ads when someone leave the site. By this method you will have high bounce rate and you will get paid for it.
  6. Timings: This help you to decide when you want to show the ads on your site. For example, you want to show the ads when visitor come to your site or in between of its working, at the end or never. You can manually set this timing of the display ads.
  7. Capping: It provide you an options to control the behaviour of the ads. This feature helps you to not get frustrated with the amount of ads he/she saw on your site. This feature helps you to customize the functionalities. For example, you set that the first timer visitor will not see the ads but when they come next time they will see it. This help you to get reader who already liked your site. It means by seeing the ads they will not get frustrated because they are liking the content on your site. This is what professional thinks for the long term benefits, which will shoot their income in coming times. They do not run to get short time earning which is not going to beneficial for you.
  8. Commission rate: There is no fixed rate. The money you will earn will be depends upon the lots of different factors. Shorte is paying around 410.8 for 1000hits (roughly). It is way higher than any other similar sites. Factors that has effect on your earning are: traffic source, country of origin and others.
  9. No Website Required: it is not mandatory for you to have a website. This make it different from other competitors like AdSense. All other companies need a compulsory website in-order to make money. But it is not in Shorte because their end goal is to promote the link and getting it clicking.


Shorte is a legit site. It helps people to earn money by promoting the link. The work is not difficult. It just take your time. There is not short cut available to earn money. Therefore, the working and the way they are paying both are good. We have find mix response from the people regarding this site. The majority of the people have declare it a legit site. Still, some people have warned other about the process. It is so because it seems easy but it take a lot of time. The process and work might look simple but it is not. Therefore, we advise you to think rationally and objectively before using this site. The best part is that it is not a scam. Therefore, you can work on this site without any fear.

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If you have any doubt regarding Shorte site, please mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.