What is Smartinvestment.io? Is It Scam?

What is Smartinvestment.io? Is It Scam?

If you are seeking to know about the Smartinvestment.io, you have arrived at the right page. Many sites are working on ponzi schemes which pay to its existing members from the investment made by new members. Now, you can ask us, is Smartinvestment Legit? Or Is Smartinvestment Scam? Or Is Smartinvestment Real? Or Is Smartinvestment Fake? Here we are providing the detail Smartinvestment Review. Online investment in bitcoin is the new investment market emerging very fast. Many people have gain profit from bitcoin. Bitcoin being a new in a market many players in the investment market using people ignorance into their advantage. If you need immediate review about Smartinvestment then we do not recommend this site.

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What is Smartinvestment.io Is Smartinvestment Scam or Legit Is Smartinvestment Real or Fake Smartinvestment Review Smartinvestment

How does Smartinvestment works?

Smartinvestment registered in the UK Companies Registration in the name of SMART BITCOIN INVESTMENT LTD and company number: 11020224. Through our research we came to know about that in UK Registration one can register its company by paying just 20GBP. UK registration is used by many companies working online to whom we have already not recommended in our reviews. This registration is baseless to proof about their legitimacy.

Their investment plan is not very fascinating but still they are confusing and unviable for investment Company. They are offering 3.5% to 4.5% of interest daily on different investment and for different days. They are providing lifetime interest rate in 4.5% of investment plan. Lifetime interest is not good investment offer one can make. Yes one can be getting attractive through this offer but lifetime investment is not feasible. Such types of claims are made to woo people. Do not trust such sites because big claims are done by foul people.

Owner information is very important. This generates trust among investors and this site did not provide any owner information in their site. We have also searched the owner information but they have protected their information in WHOIS records. Today’s world is full of information. We need information of every tit-bit happen in the world. Investors should ask about the people information that will be going to invest on their behalf. When some sites accumulated a decent amount they declare them a defaulter and run away with people money. Since they did not provided any information this gave them high chances to run away without a fear of getting caught. Investment should be done in the company which provide at least quantum of information about them which is authentic.

They have a very good simple affiliate program. They are offering 5% and 2% of commission on referrals. This numbers are genuinely high for any entity. By offering such good amount of commission this company making their business more unsustainable. If they do as they are saying then this company soon going to collapse. It has no future.


We do not recommend this site due to the various types of reason stated above. We just want to give you the best advices i.e. avoid such sites. High profits are appealing but use your wisdom that how could anybody offers high returns by investing in the volatile market. Easy way to earn is not possible but yes many ways to earn is possible.

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If you have any more queries about Smartinvestment then drop your comment in comment box. We will be pleased to help you.