Wish to earn money by waking your cell phone? S’more Review:

Wish to earn money by waking your cell phone? S’more Review:

First and foremost thing is that we congratulate you people for doing your own research. As many people these days are becoming the object for scamming. The common people like you and me gets into the trap of fraudulent people easily. Frequently many similar application and website are invented which creates doubt in the minds of people. As such application that we recently came across is S’more app.

We appreciate all our readers for doing their own research and observation. Your research has find its way and it ends right here. The company claims many things and one of them is that the users will be paid for doing insignificant tasks. This thought grows cynical questions in the minds of users. Whether S’more app is legit or a different technique to scam people?

In this article we will go intensely to the depth of the claims and promises made by the company. We will conclude that S’more is a legit application or a way to swindle.

Wish to earn money by waking your cell phone? S’more Review:

What is S’more app?

Basically the S’more Company pays their members coins for providing them their assent to place variety of ads on the lock screen of the user. The company claim to pay $0.10 on a daily basis. Such statements provoke skeptical thoughts in the conscience. The company allows you to make coins only when the S’more application is installed in your mobile phone. Each and every time you on your phone you will see the ads presented by S’more.

Watching the ads is totally your wish. If you do not wish to eyeball the ad then you are not supposed to click on it. You can just push the screen and depart the ads. Hence, you can use your phone in a general way.

The company also provides other opportunities which can allow their members to earn more. But doing such tasks is a sole wish. Some of the opportunities available are Surveys, completing offers, viewing videos.

As mentioned above that after collecting well enough points you can request for redemption. You can exchange the points either for Gift cards or Amazon.

Currently S’more is available for the residents of US. Plus only the Android have the chance to grab such an opportunity laid down by the S’more.

If unfortunately you are not a resident of US then we suggest our readers to explore a very identical app named SlideJoy which has been popular over time.

How S’more tends to work?

The application can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. No deposit is to be made for using the application.

After the installation you must sign up either using you email address or Facebook id. During the process of sign up you also have to register your valid phone number. One thing you should always remember that you can use single S’more account. Therefore only one application will run in one device.

Ways to earn money using S’more application:

  • Lock Screen:

To earn money using lock screen task you need to keep the S’more app operating the background of your device. Basically, you will not receive points per ads which are either clicked or viewed. Therefore it’s important to keep the application running in the background.

The fix amount of points is been decided for the users of S’more. The company pays you 10 points on a daily basis unconcerned of times you unlock your mobile phone.

Hence, you cannot spurge your points by unlocking the device screen continuously. Neither unlocking screen nor clicking on the ad will add your points. But definitely you can fetch more points by completing offers, taking offers, watching videos.

  • Videos:

As I told you another opportunity to fetch money is by watching videos. The company allows you 1 point for every two videos you choose to watch of 30 seconds considerably.

Fortunately the company does not restrict its members to the limit of videos to watch. You can watch as many videos as you like. But the videos will not be played automatically after the one finishes.  You need to manually choose a video to play.

This means that videos can be operated in the background while you go round about your day.

  • Surveys:

The S’more Company has collaborated with a third party enterprise named Peanut Labs. As researched Peanut Labs is a third party platform which can also be glimpsed in many GPT and rewarding sites.

In order to work with Peanut Labs you have to complete a short demographic profile which will help you to grab those opportunities which will best suit you. After this you can view a list of surveys which are ideal for you.

Then you need to select a survey from the survey and certify in the eligibility test. In case you qualify the screening test you will be directed to take part in the marketing research study. Hence, you will be paid for sharing your views and opinions about products and services. If you do not qualify the company still pays you 1 point for your courage.

Generally majority of the surveys fetch you less than 100 points for 10-15 minutes you invest.  Therefore 100 points equals to $1.

  • Referral:

Fortunately the company provides the option of inviting friends. Therefore the users will earn points for referring friends. You can fetch 25 points the moment when your referral cash out for the first instance. Even your referrals will also receive 15 points for joining S’more using your referral link.


  • S’more provides various ways of earning money like unlocking screen, taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos.
  • You only need 100 points that equals to $1 for redeeming your account for Amazon Gift Card.


  • Majority of the users have complained that their points were vanished from their account without any notification.
  • Some people were annoyed with the audio of the ads at inactive time of the day.
  • If you remain dormant for at least consecutive 30 days then all your collected points will expire.
  • Some of the people were not able to contact the support team.
  • The application is available only for the residents of US.
  • Even only the Android users can operate S’more app.


From just a glimpse S’more was visible to be a great opportunity for the people to fetch money online. Definitely there is no existing proof of scam by S’more. But still there is a hovering risk in using S’more app.  Hence, majority of the members of S’more are very much annoyed by the claims and promises of the company. Majority of the users were disappointed of their missing points. As there are many reviews by the users from S’more app for not being paid.  Therefore we do not recommend S’more app to any of our reader.

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If you have even single pinches of doubt in your head then feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.