Whether SMS receiving can fetch money? SMS Profit Review

Whether SMS receiving can fetch money? SMS Profit Review

At this point of time there are hundreds of mobile applications which allow people to earn passive income online by claiming promises. Out of hundreds many application are working fraud and even their statements are also scammed. Therefore it becomes quite difficult to rest faith on such apps.

Lately we came across an application namely SMS Profit which pays people to receive messages. Only this much? How could it be possible to earn money by receiving messages? All these questions create curiosity in the minds of potential members who wish to join SMS Profit.

In this article we will collect all the major prospects and reveal whether SMS Profit is legit or not.

Whether SMS receiving can fetch money? SMS Profit Review

What is SMS Profit?

This application SMS Profit is available for the people residing all over the world. Hence the application is very much similar to Money SMS.

There is no need to conquer any tasks for fetching money only receiving SMS from the panel will get you money.

In the first impression I believed that SMS Profit is 100% scam because the company is paying easy money but after an intense observation it is revealed that the app is not scam.

To prove the above statement you can check the reviews of numerous people on the internet who have claimed the legitimacy of the SMS Profit and stated that their payments were processed effortlessly and without the drop of points.

It is advisable to read the privacy terms which will precisely review you each and every detail. Even the processing of payment will also be explained.

How does SMS Profit tend to work?

Firstly the potential members of SMS Profit will download and install the application either form Google Play Store or directly from the inventers’ website. Thereafter the registration is required which will include email address, username and create a password. The process of registration is free and straightforward.

After you submit the email address, the members will be required to verify their submitted email by clicking on the confirmation link send. After this the members are required to render their contact information. In case if any of the member pursue two sim in single phone then they can register both of them to receive more SMS. Though there is no problem in having single sim card but if you will have two then you will fetch more profits by receiving SMS.

Lastly the app should be remained operating so that you receive SMS without any issues. Make sure that your internet is connected while using SMS Profit.

According to the claims of the company members should remain online so that they can receive at least 1 SMS per day. The messages sent to you by the company are random texts which include number or letters which vary and contain no meaning in them. These texts also contain links with them. The texts send to you are only meant for testing purpose therefore there is no requirement for responding to these SMS.

The purpose behind sending these SMS was just to check whether the messages were delivered effortlessly or not.

The reason for fetching passive income through receiving SMS is that there are some networking companies who wish to know the delivery of the SMS to counties abroad. Basically the members are paid for giving their device to the platform for testing purpose.


  • The application is available for people residing globally.
  • The company gets you passive income.
  • The threshold to be goal is $2.
  • The company pays your accumulated points via PayPal which is the most reliable source of payment.


  • Unfortunately the company does not provide any referral program.
  • The income potential is quite low.

How much points can multiply?

According to the current observation members can expect to earn from $0.01 – $0.06 for each message you receive.

For now the company has not set any particular limit of messages to be received by the members but majority of the times people are receive 3 messages per day. Plus the company SMS Profit allows its members to use various accounts by different sim cards.


The minimum threshold set by the SMS Profit is $2. Once you reach the limit the members can request for payment.

For requesting payment you must have submitted your PayPal address correctly otherwise this will create a loss of points.


In our final verdict we conclude that SMS Profit is a legitimate and trustworthy application which allows people to earn effortless income.

The plus point about the company SMS Profit is that the application will work in the background which means that this will not disturb the daily schedule of the members.

Therefore we recommend SMS Profit to all our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.