What is socupnews.com? Is Socupnews Scam or Real?

What is socupnews.com? Is Socupnews Scam?

If you came into this page by searching the term like socupnews reviews, What is socupnews.com, Whether Socupnews Scam or Legit and Whether Socupnews Real or Fake, Whatever you are searching about socupnews, Our socupnews review will give you all the important information which you really want to know. In this socupnews review, We will discuss about Socupnews Background, Socupnews Complaints, Socupnews Payments Proof.  We do not want to waste your time and want to tell you that Socupnews is 100% scam company, This site does not pay to anyone. So if you want to know more reasons why we declared it as a scam you can read detail review as given below.

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Now, We tell you that why we declared it  a scam website.

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What is Socupnews.com, Is Socupnews a Scam or Legit, Socupnews real or fake, Socupnews reviews

What is Socupnews and Why It is a Bad Site?

When we try to find out the owner of the site, We could not find any details. The owner information is completely hidden on their website. More than that , They had also registered their website privately, So which make impossible to find out who is the actual owner behind this site. Whenever a site owner hide himself, then it is a indication that site is not trustworthy and that is the case with Socupnews. However, Socupnews domain as “Socupnews.com” was registered on 15 Feb, 2017.

Socupnews is not only the single site which is owned by this owner, There are many other sites which has same busisness model and same data. Baseofnews, Mainofnews and Capitalofnews  are other sites which are operated by this owner. So now, You are thinking that why we are saying that these sites are from the same owner then you can find it easily by yourself. If you see these website than you will find that these sites are using same theme which Socupnews is using.

Socupnews claims that you can earn from $3 to $4 for each news you read. They claim that you can read 30 news per day and you can earn minimum $100 per day and $700 per week. So now, May be you are thinking that you have to spend lot of time to read news. But It is not, They give you up to $4 only for 30 second. What do you think, Any legit company pay you $4 for simple work, Obviously not.

Socupnews also have an affiliate program on their site. They claim that when you post you referral link on Facebook and other social media and someone join their site with your link then you will get $170. Not only $170, You will also get 15% daily earning from your referral. Have you heard any legit site which pay this amount of money only on joining their site? Legit site pays only in cents or more.

They provide this type of offer to attract more people into their system. When they got lot of traffic, they can earn money from the advertisers. If you are a member of  this website then you can find google ads on their website. So this site is making fake claims to make money for themselves.

They are also making money when member request for cash out on their website. When you work on their website they show you that you are earning for the work you did, But, Actually when you reach to minimum cash out limit which is $2700 and request for payout, Your request will never be proceed and If you contact them about pending payment then they will say that free members need to wait for some month in order to receive payment and ask for you to upgrade your account if you want to get your payment fast. Even the member, who pay to get payment fast also not receive payment from this company. So , This site is only open to make profit from you, not to pay you. You can find many complaints around the internet from Socupnews members about pending payment.

Socupnews also make money by selling your personal information to third parties. The email you use on their website, they sell that email to email marketing companies. It is also very risky to provide payment processor details to Socupnews, They can misuse your information and can hack your account. Before giving these details, You should always research about the site is good or not.


Socupnews is a completely fake company, So you  should stay away from this site and the sites which provide these type of offers. We also added this site into our “Avoid Scams” List.

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If you have any question about Socupnews or want to ask about any other site then please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.