Pursue desire to earn legit money? SpiderMetrix Review

These days’ people are inclining more towards the earnings from the online sources. Online source is much more preferred due to the reason of comfort people face in doing it. Therefore the growth of internet world is increasing with time and more ways are developed such as taking online surveys, watching videos, playing games, trying new applications and many more.

Aforesaid surveys are most popular among all other earning ways. No doubt earning from completing surveys is amazing but there are various developers of these platforms which corrupt the internet world through their scam activities.

Recently we came across a survey panel namely SpiderMetrix which claims big big promises with their members.

Hence the question rises whether SpiderMetrix does pay their members? Does the company ban account? Whether SpiderMetrix is legit panel or not?

In this article we will cover all the major topics and conclude the legitimacy of the company with proof and will declare honest review.

Pursue desire to earn legit money? SpiderMetrix Review

What is SpiderMetrix?

SpiderMetrix was developed in 2000 by an Australian based company namely MicroFlex. The survey panel is operating in 34 countries including UK, USA, China, Canada, India and many more where people residing can grab this availing opportunity.

Being one of the members of SpiderMetrix you will be able to influence the decisions of the participating companies and fetch them with the knowledge of trendy habits of the customers. The comments and suggestions provided by the panelist will help the company to improve their products and services according to the requirements of the customers.

By providing reviews about the products and services the members can fetch points in exchange of the time they have invested. The points accumulated can be redeemed for eGift cards or cash which can be withdrawn via PayPal. Even the panelist can utilize their collected points for auctions or can donate them in charities.

The survey platform SpiderMetrix is legit and is operating well. Though the survey panel is legit but you will not be able to receive various surveys invitations if you precisely are not a member of Australia. Hence as a result it will take weeks and months for you to reach the threshold goal set by the company.

How SpiderMetrix does tend work?

Like all survey panels you will first have to register yourself as the member of SpiderMetrix which is hassle free. In this process you will have to submit some of your details like name, email address, country you reside in, postcode, username and crate a password.

Thereafter you will be required to verify your email address which you have submitted. For this purpose you will have to click the link provided in order to complete the confirmation. The company will render you 7 points initially when you will log in for the first time.

The points you accumulate as a member of SpiderMetrix by taking online surveys can be redeemed in cash which thereafter can be withdrawn via PayPal. Remember that 1 points collected equals to approximately 17 cents of Australia.

The current available surveys can be checked by tapping “Surveys” where you will also find profiling surveys which will take few minutes to complete and will fetch you 1 point for each survey you complete.

Ways to earn money:

  • Completing Surveys: The major source from income generates is taking online surveys where you will provide opinions and reviews about the products and services rendered by the participating companies.

It is advisable to submit honest reviews in order to get invited in further surveys and build up a reputation. Remember that before taking with the surveys you will have to go through a screening test where you will have to complete the demographic profile by answering few brief questions including employment status, marital status, education, annual income and many more. The main purpose of the test is to select the ideal candidate.

If you tend to manage to get qualified then you will be directed towards the surveys. Otherwise you will have to take other surveys if your demographic profile does not match with the requirement.

Therefore you must be prepared to get disqualified many times as you will not be qualified for each and every survey. This is a traditional culture with every survey panel.

The pay rate depends totally on the length of the survey you take. Basically you will fetch from

6 – 20 points which is equivalent to $1 – $2.

  • Inviting Friends: Fortunately SpiderMetrix provides its members another opportunity to fetch more points by inviting friends. If people joins the company and becomes “Spider” through your referral code then for each 20 minute survey they complete you will fetch 1 point.

In my personal opinion the referral program is not very much fascinating as the other survey sites have. Other survey panels pays commission to their members which becomes a great source of earning and helps them to reach the threshold limit within weeks.


Once you reach the limit of 300 points you can submit your request for payment. You can withdraw your accumulated points through PayPal which is considered as the most reliable source of payment.

There are some countries which do not support PayPal option as their option for payment.


  • Earn passive income by completing online surveys.
  • The company SpiderMetrix pays its members via PayPal and even eGift card option is also available.
  • Earning money through surveys is an easy task.


  • You will be disqualified many a times.
  • The threshold limit i.e. $30 is way too high to reach.
  • Surveys are available in weeks which obstruct your way to reach the minimum limit.


In our final verdict we conclude that SpiderMetrix is a legit website which allows you to earn additional money. According to the investigation there is fusion of reviews where the opinion of members is mixed.

The threshold limit is very high which makes it impossible option for the potential members to start up with it. Hence it will weeks and even months to withdraw the hard earned money.

Other than this everything is decent and honest with SpiderMetrix survey panel. Hence we recommend SpiderMetrix to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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