Creative enough to write businesses name? Squadhelp Review

Creative enough to write businesses name? Squadhelp Review

These days’ people are becoming fast and furious of earning legit money with fewer efforts invested. Some are blogging on various social media sites while others are doing YouTube. It is observed that some of the YouTube channels are boosting the promotion Squadhelp.

Lately we came across a crowd sourcing panel namely Squadhelp which provides businesses custom names. The opportunity is quite exclusive and unique. Therefore the doubt of being tricked is always rotated in the minds of people.

In this article we will investigate all the corners and conclude whether Squadhelp is legit or another scam played by scammers.

Creative enough to write businesses name? Squadhelp Review

What is Squadhelp?

Squadhelp is a creative panel which is spread worldwide and provides opportunities to people to render innovative suggestions for names of businesses. The company Squadhelp was developed in 2011 but since the YouTubers started promoting the panel it gained much more fame.

Various leading brands can search creative ideas for businesses which can bring the business to cloud nine and a small ratio of payment is charged by the agencies. At times businesses render catchy ratios to these traditional agencies for providing them with innovative business names and taglines.

Once you participate in the business contests of the leading brands, members can fetch rewards the moment company selects the idea given by you.

The company is working smoothly since 2011 and various members have claimed the positivity of the payments and the running of the business.

How Squadhelp tends to work?

Working with Squadhelp isn’t easy because the company will not pay its members effortlessly just for thinking and suggesting illogical things.

Basically you will be paid for rendering innovative and creative ideas for businesses like names, slogans and taglines.  Except this for fetching more you will take part in contests with numerous people where you will refer creative ideas. Once the company chooses your idea then only you will be paid. Therefore logically you must be very much innovative in order to get selected by the businesses. Hence the company Squadhelp does not provide any guarantee for paying if you participate in the contests and do not get selected.
Therefore it is not advisable to depend on the income generation from the Squadhelp because for being selected in numerous contests you must be very much innovative.

Working with Squadhelp:

First and foremost the people are required to sign up and register themselves as the member of Squadhelp. In order to complete the registration you will have to submit your personal info like name, last name, home address, email address, a profile picture and contact info is not mandatory.

Thereafter the Squadhelp provide you with three different options for participating with several people. The three options are mentioned below:

  • Participating in logo contests.
  • Taking part in name suggestion contest which cost $10 as initial fee.
  • Rendering creative names in domain marketplace with the purpose of selling it which is absolutely free of cost.

The plunge of the company Squadhelp is that for participating in name contest the members will have to deposit $10. While participating in logo contest members will have to email their portfolio and wait for approval.

In the beginning your account will be restricted state. In simpler words you will be allowed to participate only in the contests which will be assigned. The complete access to your account will be given only when you collect enough good ratings through providing creative contents.

The moment your account gets activated you will be directly taken to dashboard. It is advisable to read all the information and instructions provided carefully so that nothing wrong occurs.

In order to take part in contests you must tap on the button “Active Contests”. You will be glimpsed with various types of contests which will be currently available for you. Hence you will be paid for only those contests which announce you as the winner.

For being started with the contests, firstly you must read all the provided information. Therefore it is also mandatory to go through all the details and liking by the company prior to submitting the logo or the name. This fundamental will increase your chances of winning the contest.

Sometimes the names of the brands are even available for sale therefore you must add .com or some another extension with your creativity so that it gets accepted.

Therefore keep in mind that the competition you will face in each contest will be of great level and too difficult to crack. So, you must be utterly creative in order to beat the competition.

Even though if you don’t get selected as the winner then also your participation will provide you high ranking which will support you to reach the tier A status and hence participate in more contests.

Earning with Squadhelp:

As mentioned before YouTubers claim in their videos that people can expect to earn $100 – $300 each day by using Squadhelp. The question arises how these people are so sure about earning? The reason behind this surety is that they are paid commission if people watching their video joins Squadhelp using their referral code.

Yes it’s true to earn $100 -$300 using Squadhelp but it’s not even imaginary to earn per day. It is very difficult to get selected in a contest from a bunch of talented people.

Though the company is not scam but it’s not even a good idea to complete depend on Squadhelp for generating income.


Once you win the contest you participate in the company allows members to withdraw their earnings via PayPal or Payoneer depending on your personal choice. Currently only these two methods are available for redeeming your hard earned rewards. The company will take maximum 7 days in order to process your payment request.


In our final verdict we conclude that Squadhelp is a unique panel which grows the mindsets of people participating in various contests.

Therefore there is no restriction to pursue any experience. You must be innovative to think dreamy ideas which force the businesses to approve you as the winner.

The rate of payment you receive after winning the contest is also satisfactory. The only downside observed yet is the initial deposit i.e. $10 for participating in name contest.

Therefore we recommend Squadhelp to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.