Wish to earn legit money? Squishy Cash Review

Wish to earn legit money? Squishy Cash Review

These days’ people are curious of earning online legit money. People are in search of opportunities which they can grab in no time. They watch videos, play online games, take surveys, complete offers and much more.

Recent we came across a GPT (get paid to) site namely Squishy Cash which allows its members to earn easy online money. We are aware of this fact that there are hundreds of similar work processing websites on internet in this era.

Now, here the question arises whether Squishy Cash get paid to website is legit or another trick played by scammers.

Wish to earn legit money? Squishy Cash Review

What is Squishy Cash?

Basically Squishy Cash is a GPT (get to paid) website which offers its members a way to earn passive income by conquering tasks, offers and surveys etc. Squishy Cash GPT site was developed in 2007 and till now has been standstill with its reputation.

Fortunately GPT site is available for the people residing globally and the company claims that there is no particular age limit for being one of the members of Squishy Cash.

For winding up with other participants or say members, the company Squishy Cash provides exclusive online forum which is absolutely free for joining. Through this forum Squishy members can come in contact with each other where they can discuss about the tricks and advice on triumph on each offer, members can talk about their payments and credentials and even the members can chat about latest opportunity on the website.

How does Squishy Cash tend to work?

Firstly you need to register yourself as the member of Squishy Cash. Joining is completely free and the company will provide its members an additional sign up bonus $3. While signing up you will have to submit your email address to the company and press “Join” button. Thereafter the company will send you a confirmation email and you will be required to tap the link attached.

We advise all our readers to complete the registration process as this will help the company to find a survey which suits your demographic profile i.e. location, age, employment and education, etc. Once your sign up process gets complete the complete will provide you $3 in order to get you started with balance.

According to the claims of the Squishy Cash the company will take strict actions and will ban those members who used VPN or proxy to create several accounts. In simpler words no members is allowed to use more than one account and not just this even per household a member can grab this opportunity which simply means that from each household one person can avail the opportunity of becoming member of Squishy Cash.

In order to complete the tasks presented in Squishy Cash the members can opt either of the options Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. According to the concerns of the company members have to set their browser ready to accept the cookies in order to earn credits. This step is very much important to make sure that the tasks which you have completed have fetched you the worth for your time invested. It is recommended to clear the past cookies prior to start with fresh tasks each day.

In case you are a resident of US and have reached the limit $500 and prizes then you are required to file a W – 9 Form. Otherwise if you are not living in US then this requirement is not necessary.

If you are living in other countries than US and have reached the limit of $500 in a year and have been paid through PayPal with Squishy Cash then you are required to file a 1099 – k Form. This form will ensure that you have been already paid through the medium of electronic payment. This law applies tos some of the countries therefore the members will be required to check.

Ways to earn money:

Squishy Cash allows the members to grab various opportunities which help them to reach the limit of redemption. Ways to earn money are explained below:

  • Trials: This unit allows the members to earn points by participating into a pool of offers or say trails. Remember that such kind of trial require an initial deposit in order to conquer the offer. As you will be using your credit card for payment and once the trial period is completed the company will charge you. Hence you will be required track the trial period so that you can cancel your subscription.
  • Squishy Slots: This unit provides you points as well as chips each and every time you finish a task. The points accumulated can be exchanged for cash while the chips are used to play the slots. One spin will take 5 slots you have collected and fortunately you can also win $100 for playing these slots for which you have given 5 collected chips.
  • Freebies: This unit allows you to participate in the offers which are totally free to join. These offers on Offer Wall include surveys, listening radios, offers and much more. For completing the selected offers the company will provide you an entry in contest bonuses. This section of offers does not require members to submit their credit card details for initial deposit.
  • Clicks: This section will fetch you points for clicking on the ads, visiting the offer walls and checking what exclusive they have. No personal data is to be submitted or signing up within a site is required. Only a click so to be tapped in order to watch an ad which generally lasts for

40 – 60 seconds and this time period will fetch you points.

  • Inviting Friend: Fortunately Squishy Cash provides its members an opportunity to earn more points by referring their friends. If the referral joins the Squishy Cash using your referral code then your account will be credited with $1. The company had divided the referral program into their tier. First tier includes the level 1 where you will earn 25%, in level 2 you will earn 5% and in the third tier you will fetch 2%. This is an easy method of earning money by creating down line by referring more and more people.


In order to request for payment the company sets a specified maximum limit which is $15. The day after your request is submitted company will credit your account.  The Squishy Cash provides its members various options to redeem their accumulated points which include check, Amazon gift card, PayPal, Skrill or DWOLLA.

The chips accumulated can be redeemed for gifts cards like Walmart, Amazon, Visa and Target.


Squishy Cash has been developed since 2007 and is working in a reputed manner. Hence in our fina verdict we conclude that Squishy Cash is a legitimate and trustworthy GPT site.

The company allows members to fetch points as well as chips which can be redeemed for several payment methods offered by the Squishy Cash.

The company has also provided an instant messenger which can be used for spontaneous replies with any issue members are dealing with.

Plus the company offers a free forum to members where they can communicate on various matters varying from payments to exclusive offers.

Therefore we recommend Squishy Cash to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.