What is Startjob.online? Is Start Job Scam or Legit?

What is Startjob.online? Is Start Job Scam or Legit?

If you are searching on the internet to know more about Startjob.online, then this the right article for you. In this Start job review, we are going to discuss some general question asked by the people like, Is Start job Scam? Or Is Startjob Legit? Or Is Startjob Real? Or Is Start job Fake? There are many people around the world which claims that you can earn money online in very easy jobs. Then they opened websites and provides the very easy task to earn online income. But have you ever thought that why many people are opening the website and providing east jobs to make online money? This is because there are many people in the world which want to make online money in very east ways; due to this reason different websites provides different jobs according to our demand. If you are not interested to read our full article but want to a short review on Start job then it is our advice to you that don’t work on this site, Startjob is a Scam website. We have already added this site into our “Avoid Scam” section. There are many websites working on the internet which have similar theme and similar working like Start job and already declared as a Scam website. Some of example is given below; Thepayz, Myfixearning, Youthjobz, Formoneyonly, JobZipo, Payeeu, Paywork and many more.

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What is Startjob.Online Is Startjob Scam or Legit Is Startjob Real or Fake Startjob Review, Startjob

How Does Start job work?

Startjob offers $5 as a signup bonus, $5 for per referral link visit and $10 per referral made by you. These numbers are looks like but are it real? This is not easy to pay for any legit sites. If you think that Startjob will pay their members according to their claims then no doubt to say that this website will collapse very soon without paying their members. If there are millions of members are working on their site then this huge amount of money will not possible to pay for this site. And no one legit site can pay this large amount. This is the only fake promise which is done by many scam sites. The referral program which is offered by this company, it is only for increasing to traffic on their site where they can make money for themselves only not for other.

This company also set a minimum payout limit to withdraw their member’s money. If users want to withdraw their money then users should be a minimum $300 on their Startjob account which is opened on their website. If you do hard work and you have earned $300 on your account then it is sure that you want to withdraw your money on your bank account, but this will only your wish because still, you cannot withdraw your money. When users request to withdraw their money, they just say that their request is in process. When users ask them again to withdraw their money their reply will same that request is in process. They hang users more than one month and test the user’s patience because after the frustration users demand urgent withdraws of their money. When you request for urgent withdraw, then they say you that you have to complete some paid task for urgent withdraw your money. If you give them money for those paid tasks still they will not pay you.  In this way, they make money for themselves only. So they do not pay you neither they will pay to anyone.

Startjob website hidden their all identity and information in WHOIS records, they also did not share their information on their official website. Scam sites always hide their identity with their users. It is clear that they do not want to clear their users that who is the owner of this site. No one can find that who is the owner of this site? So you can think the person (owner of this site) is not sharing their information with users, could they share their revenue with everybody. They will not share their money with users. It’s mean they are making money for themselves, not for others.

When users register with this website then they ask users to share their information with them. They collect a big data of user information and sell them into third parties. Third parties can be the misuse of user’s data. An unknown person can send much malware on your emails or bank account where they can hack your account and they can easily loot you. So it is our personal advice to you that do not share your information to an unknown person.


Startjob is a 100% Scam website. So do not waste your time to work on this site, this site does not pay to anyone. This website has many complaints are available on the internet and one of them is that start job is not paying. Now share this information on your social media to aware more innocent people.

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Now you know that Startjob is a scam site, but if you have some more questions related to this site then you can share in our comment box. We will happy to answer you.