What is Steemit.com? Is Steemit Scam or Legit?

You are reading this article because you are curious to know about Steemit.com. There might be some questions running through your mind like, is Steemit Scam? Or is Steemit Legit? Or is Steemit Fake? Or is Steemit Real? Do not worry about anything. In this Steemit Review, we are going to solve each and every bit of your problems regarding the Steemit website. Our review is unbiased and totally depends on the observation and research made by us. If you are not interesting to read the full article and want us to provide you the brief summary of the Steemit then we can reduce your burden of reading the whole article.It is very hard to understand the working of the Steemit website. It is not a scam for sure because it is paying its members. The one of the main problems is about their payment system which is not understood by anyone easily. It takes some time to judge any new kind of business.

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What is Steemit.com Is Steemit Scam or Legit Is Steemit Real or Fake Steemit Review, Steemit

Is Steemit a Scam?

We cannot just claim it a scam. We need a solid backing for our claims. The question of its sustainability is also under radar. We have to wait and watch because only the time will tell us the real nature of this website. We also have to see what do authorities have to say regarding this website. It is because of its completely new concept. In terms of legal authority, this site is neither a legal nor a scam. Therefore, it takes time to identify the real nature and working of the website.

Can you work in this site?

The answer to your question that you should work on this site or not is that you can. It is simply because it is paying to its members. How to earn on this website and what the pros and cons of the website are written below. The only thing we want to aware you is that earning money is very hard on this site. The time and hard work you are going to invest on this site will not be going to pay enough. You can work and earn money but not a fulltime income.

Before starting working on this site you should first understand the working of this site. It is imperative because their working is very complicated. We cannot understand why they complicated the things on their site. The only way you can earn money on this site is by understanding the work and putting a lot of hard work. The smart work can also work for you. But before it, you should understand the rules completely before breaking it. We have place Steemit website in our Promising section. We did not place it in our Legit and Trusted section list because we do not know the sustainability of this company. We have to wait and watch before claiming it a trusted website. There are various pros and cons we found on this website function. We cannot say about the sustainability and how much a person can earn on this website by doing the sufficient amount of hard work. Therefore, we place it in our “Promising Section” and not in the Legit and Trusted section.

There are other websites available on the internet that are legit and pay to its members. The working of such websites is simple and easy but you to work hard on that website also because there is no shortcut to earning good money. We have prepared a list of such good sites, to see the list click the given link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

In our list, the Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one that has been recommended most by us. It is because this company helped people around the world to earn a fulltime income. They help with their training programs and other services. To get more information about the Wealthy Affiliate Company please click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

What is Steemit? How does Steemit work?

The question ‘what is Steemit’ is way more easy than ‘how Steemit works’. Steemit is basically social media. In which people post blogs, comments and so on, do other stuff that we do regularly in a social media. They pay to its members or we can say ‘users’ with digital currency named “Steem” for posting blogs and other things. Before starting an earning on this website you have to sign up on this site free of cost.

Steemit has its own digital currency i.e. Steem. On this website, you are not get paid directly in dollars but you will earn Steem. Later on, you can convert it into bitcoins and then you can convert bitcoins into dollars. We did not know why they complicated the payment system. It is useless from our point of view to making system a complex one. Maybe it is helping the company. Now you will be wondering, what is the main problem with the Steemit? The problem is the value of ‘Steem- a cryptocurrency’, which is very vulnerable. At some time the value of Steem reached up to the value of $4.63 and later on the price fall so sharply that it declined to near the $0.3. The sharp rise and value of the currency questions the stability of the ‘Steem’. The only people who avail the benefit of the rise of the price of the ‘Steem’ are the people who join the company in its initial days and the founders of the website. The people who bear the loss of the falling price of the currency are the one that joins the company later and stuck with lots of coins with them. Therefore, we do not find it good to work on a site which pays its members the currency which is very volatile.

The company does not provide an exact figure, how much money a member can earn by posting, commenting and posting the blogs or the level of engagement. So you can never know how much money you are approximately is going to make on this site. It is also because they are paying in their own currency whose exchange amount is not fixed and very volatile. It can also happen that you have lots of ‘Steem’ coins with you but their value is not much due to fall in the price of the ‘Steem ‘coin. We also observed carefully the money people are earning on this website. The conclusion of that observation is that people are not earning good money as per their effort and hard work or the amount of time they have utilized on this site.

Another problem we found in the system of Steemit is their Thumbs up metrics- to measure the value of content which can be easily manipulated. It would be more efficient and expeditious if the company considers the value of content more than a thumbs-up metrics. The value of content can be understood by the traffic it generates on the number of posts and the comments within that post and also the engagement or participation of the users within a community. But as per the company measures, the deserving candidate is not going to earn good money and those who can manipulate with bad techniques will be awarded handsomely. It is not good, neither for people nor for company progress and growth.


It is hard to tell about the company working as we tried to explain above. Still, there are much to understand, which you can do by starting working on it. To work on this website or not is totally up to you. We have provided you the details of this website and you should decide what to do. The good point is that company is not a scam and the bad point is that its working is very complicated. Therefore, you should calculate yourself the negative and positive points of the site which going to affect you.

There are many genuine websites working on the internet, but the Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one that is most recommended by us. It is so because this company has helped many people around the world to earn a fulltime income. To get the full review of the Wealthy Affiliate, please click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have anything in your mind regarding Steemit site, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.

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