Sterdio Is a Scam Site. Do not fall on heavy discount!!

While surfing the internet, we get encountered with a new site named ‘Sterdio’. After seeing the website and its working we decided to write a Review for our readers.

Many sites available for online shopping which is also known as e-commerce. But amidst genuine sites, there are many sites which also works as a scam.

Now, some questions might be coming into your mind like, is Scam? Or is SterdioLegit? These are essential questions that you should ask before involving yourself in any new site or company.

We appreciate your efforts that you are putting to know about this site. This way you can avoid scams and know other legit sites working on the internet. In that pursuit, we can help you with our list of Legit Sites, here:

Sterdio Is a Scam Site. Do not fall on heavy discount!!

Let us start our review, is a Scam site. It is very clear to us and we will make clear to you also in a few minutes. Before proving anything we want to share some complaints we found on the internet regarding Sterdio (which you can also see by just searching on the google). Few of them are given below;

“TOTAL CRAP! Bait and switch! Not the watch advertised. They send you a very poor substitute and admit they scammed you by telling you they sent the wrong watch.”

“After 3 weeks waiting my order wasn’t shipped, and when I canceled the order after 8 days, they first offered a 5 $ discount, and when I insisted, my order was suddenly ready to ship (and therefore not possible to cancel). I then contacted PayPal, and they agreed with me and refunded my payment.
Very untrustworthy company!!!”

“I am not happy about my own encounter with Though I did receive a watch, it wasn’t one I would have ever chosen…and even if I HAD, I would have paid much less for it. The $50 it cost me, while painful, is not my last savings. THAT SAID, there are likely many, many people who are being swindled by this company, and I believe I have a duty to try to help those folks by spreading the info about this company’s criminal practices.”

“Scammers. They will not send you what you ordered or they will send you a piece of cheap crap”

By reading these complaints you can understand that is not the right company. You should not do any kind of business here.

Negative points of Sterdio

First, and foremost is the transparency. Any company which provides information about it is more genuine than other sites that do not provide any information and Sterdio is one of them.

They have not provided the information of their owner. We do not know anybody or any real person behind this site. They have hidden their information because of which they can scam anybody without any fear.

If you try to find out about the company information in WHOIS records then you find just an error and nothing more. This thing is very common among scam sites.

Second, Sterdio provides a heavy discount on every product which is not possible for any genuine company. This is also the main point of why people get scammed.

Since sites like Sterdio provide a very good discount rate, people do not take any time to think, can it be possible? Other genuine sites also provide discount but they will never provide a heavy discount as it can distort the competition in the market and also not feasible for them.

Third, they provide a very low-quality product and sometimes never delivered the product. If your complaint against them you will not be able to do that. You can only send them a message via email and they never reply.

This point can be easily understandable after reading the complaints written above.

Fourth, they use people information for their own benefit. They sell their information to the third party and earn a good revenue for them.

They charge their customer after 3-4 months directly from their credit cards. As this detail is provided by us to them while placing an order. You will find such sites does not provide cash in delivery option due to the same reason i.e. they are scamming people.

Never provide your information to any sites which are not good. If you have provided your financial information to any sites which are not good. Immediately contact your bank or the company so they can save your money.


In short, Sterdio is purely a Scam site and we have explained it above very clearly. Do not do any business here, as you will end up in regret only. They are scamming people, so keep a distance from this site.

Also, help people in your social circle to know about such a scam site and protect them from getting scammed. By spreading the news you will aware others which is the quality of a wise man.

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