What is Strike7.io? Is Strike7 Scam or legit?

What is Strike7.io? Is Strike7 Scam or legit?

If you are wanted to know more about Strike7.io then you have reached on the right page. Internet is very vast. Various Investment markets are already working on it. But in recent times new investment market is developing and it is dealing in bitcoin (a cryptocurrency). Ponzi Schemes which were earlier worked in investment market is now also operating in bitcoin investment. In ponzi scheme basically company usually pay to this existing member from the money invested by the new members. This business model does not works for long and company collapse, with people money. Question may arise in readers mind, is Strike7 Scam? Or Is Strike7 Legit? Or is Strike7 Real? Or is Strike7 Fake? We are providing Strike7 review with details in this article. If you want to lower your burden of reading then ‘we do not recommend this site for any investment purpose’.

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What is Strike7.io Is Strike7 Scam or Legit Is Strike7 Real or Fake Strike7 Review Strike7

How does Strike7 works? Why We do not recommend it?

Strike7 does not have very fascinating investment plan but still the numbers are very attractive. They are offering basic investment with 7% interest daily for 40 days. Striike7 did not work very gracefully because they have only one investment plan for its member. The interest rate is high and makes the company highly unsustainable. Time will come when paying what they are claiming become impossible for company. At that time they will declare themselves a defaulter and then run away with the hard earned money of people.

The site did not provide any information of owners. They even did not provide any information of the personals or professionals that are going to invest money on behalf of people. Information provide quantum of transparency and transparency lead to building trust. But this site is lacking on every front of ethical working. Hiding the information of the owner is the feature used by scam sites because it gave them an advantage to run away without a fear to get caught.

On the site they have claimed to be a UK Registered Company (without certificate). The company is registered in UK Companies Registration under the company name: STRIKE7 LIMITED and Company number: #10759794. Here, we want to tell our readers that getting registration from UK Companies Registration is not big deal. Anybody can get the registration by paying just 20 GBP. The claim of being authentic due to registration is not get any favor from us. Many sites already recommended by us have the registration from the same company.

They are providing 3 levels of affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are used by websites to promote their company and they give commission to people. By this traffic increase on their site they get benefit from it. They are offering very high commission 8%-5%-2%, albeit their investment plans are not much high. High commissions make their company more unsustainable. One should not invest its money in a company which has no future.


We do not recommend this site due to reasons provided by us in the article. We do not want any of our reader to fall in the trap of fascinating offers and then regret. Avoid such sites because they are going to loot you. There are many ways to earn money online but do not go for shortcuts because fraud peoples make pitfall in shortcut paths. Invest your money more wisely so that it will come back to you.

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If you have any more queries about Strike7 then feel free to ask. Drop your comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.