What is Successhare.com? Is Successhare Scam?

What is Successhare.com? Is Successhare Scam?

If you have found this page then there is a high probability that you are looking for an informative insight as to how Successshare.com works. This article will provide you with a successshare review. Is successshare legit? Or is Successshare scam? Or is Successshare real? Or is Successshare fake?These are the main questions on everyone’s mind when they come across this website. It is always advisable to always do your due diligence before you embark on any business opportunity and reading this review is nothing short of carrying out your due diligence. The first thing you need to know about successshare is that it is a scam website which does not pay any of its members. Continue reading to find out exactly why we are calling it a scam website.

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How does Successhare.com work? Why it is a scam site?

Successshare claims to be a marketing website which will offer to pay you for sharing the referral links they send you. They claim you can start earning $1+ for every task they assign to you and you could also earn as much as $20 in bonuses. This is the offer they make you when you simply start working with them and they also state that there is no limit as to what you can earn with them over time. The rough picture they paint is that over time, for a 2-3 hour work, you could get as much as $60 – $160 daily. Yes, there are some genuine websites which pay for referral links to be posted on social media sites but they do not pay as much.

This kind of payout is simply too unrealistic for any legitimate website to pay. No company can pay that much as well as make a profit at the end of the day. A genuine website will pay you in cents and the most generous have never paid more than $0.03 to have their referral links posted on your Facebook, Twitter or even blog account. Most victims get to learn how this is true when they reach the minimum payout target and request for a payout. According to their website, the minimum payout target is $100 and it will require you to be patient for up to 5 business days to get it processed. When you request for a payout, you will be required to do two things. The first one is an online survey. It is important to point out that these surveys are paid surveys. Yes, that means you pay for a survey. The website gets a commission for every survey.

The other thing is that you will be required to undergo a verification process. This is where you will be required to provide details like your PayPal account and email address. However, they will sell this information to third parties who will use it to send you phishing emails as well as hack your accounts. The bottom line is that this website is bad news for anyone looking for genuine work online. They will only get way more from you than what you can get from them. So don’t waste even a single second on this website.


As we mentioned before, Successshare is a completely fake site, So you  should stay away from this site and the sites which provide these kind of offers. We also added this site into our “Avoid Scams” List.


If you have any question about Successshare or want to ask about any other site then please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.