Wish to step ahead? Survey Squad Review

Wish to step ahead? Survey Squad Review

In the world full of changes and growth people are becoming more curious of earning online legit money. Since there are various ways to earn money online but many of them tend to corrupt the internet world through their scam tricks. Therefore it is very important to investigate the company before becoming a part of it. Hence we congratulate all of you for taking a step ahead for the safety of the society.

Recently we came across another promising survey panel namely Survey Squad which pays its members $50 – $250 for participating in online surveys.

The question here outrages that is it safe to work with Survey Squad or it’s a trick played by the developers. In this article we will cover the major prospects clearing the vision whether Survey Squad is legit or not.

Wish to step ahead? Survey Squad Review

What is Survey Squad?

Survey Squad is run by a recruiting agency for the marketing studies namely Focus Forward and its carrying out its operation 2003. Basically, Survey Squad is a survey panel as well as a focus group.

The company Survey Squad has categorized surveys under various heads:

  • Online Surveys.
  • In-person focus groups.
  • Mobile Surveys.
  • Phone interviews.

The company justifies its members in all scenarios whether it’s a consumer, a business professional, a seller or anyone them. Each and every person is free to participate in the activities of Survey Squad.

Well for now Survey Squad is a legit platform. Otherwise there are mixed opinions of the people over the internet.

Some members of Survey Squad are excelling and receiving the payments on time while others are annoyed on the matter of not being qualified even a single time therefore they regarded the panel as sheer waste of time.

Unfortunately the tasks and surveys of Survey Squad are restricted within the boundaries of United States. In simpler words, the platform is available only for the residents of United States.

How Survey Squad does tend to work?

Firstly the members will have to fill a small registration form by clicking on “Join Now” button. In this form the members are required to submit name, date of birth, gender, contact info, email address, and state.

Thereafter you will be required to verify your submitted email address by clicking on the confirmation link provided.

The members will then be required to complete their profile by answering some profiling questions known as demographic profile which will either way help the members to receive invitations for surveys according to their profile.

Being one of the members of Survey Squad you will be invited for three different categories depending on your legibility.

  • Medical Professionals: If you belong to a field in doctor, nurse or a practitioner you are welcome to participate in the health surveys and get paid for your hard work.
  • Business Professionals: This unit allows the business operators or developers in any segment to share their view points with the companies which may be a supplier to your firm.
  • Consumers: Each and every person being a resident of Survey Squad is free to participate in surveys and alter the products and services through their comments and suggestions. This way companies will be benefited and will provide products and services matching to the latest trends and habits of consumers.

After every survey becomes available the company Survey Squad will notify by rendering the invitations to the members. Even the members of the company can themselves check the availability by latest surveys by visiting the current projects page.

Taking surveys:

Prior of thinking to take surveys the members are required to go through a 5 – part screening test. The reason behind this process is to ensure whether the panelist matches the requirements of the surveys or not because each survey has their different requirements which members are required to fill.

Getting qualified is a tough part as speaking of Survey Squad because it’s a 5 level process which makes every possibility of rejection.

There are many users who complained that they were unable to qualify any screening test for their whole lot of one year. Through this you can estimate how difficult it is to pass through the qualification test.

Luckily after the toughest part is finally qualified the company compensate by rendering one entry gateway into the monthly sweepstakes which provide members a chance to win 250,000 points which equals to $250 which is basically a huge amount.

Money making with Survey Squad:

Majority of the online and mobile surveys require an investment of 10 – 15 minutes of time and at the completion fetch you $1 – $3 per survey.

The pay rate of phone interviews and in-person focus groups is quite high. These tend to take about 30 – 60 minutes of your time and fetch you $100 – $300 per study you conquer.

The pay rate varies from surveys to surveys. The company Survey Squad also provides its members to earn more by taking part in multi – session online surveys which ends for few days and members can grab $100 by completing them. Therefore this is also a good opportunity provided by the company.


Aforesaid the company Survey Squad renders an entry to the members who qualify a screening test to a monthly sweepstakes for getting a chance to win 250,000 points i.e. $250.

Every month seven members are selected by the Survey Squad for this grateful opportunity.


Once the members reach a minimum limit of 20,000 points which equals to $20 members can submit their request for redemption. The options available for cash out are cash, check or either gift cards from leading brands.


In our final verdict we conclude that Survey Squad is a legitimate survey panel which allows an amazing opportunity for its members. There is no chance of considering it a scam as its operating since 2003 which is quite a long period.

Agreed that qualification through the 5 level screening test is very tough and is impossible for a few of you but this does not consider it a scam. Even the company provides a monthly entry to sweepstakes in order to win 250,000 points and this opportunity is available only for those who qualify screening test. This way company is trying to motivate all its members to qualify which is grateful gesture.

Therefore we recommend Survey Squad to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.