What is Surveyjunkie.com? Is Surveyjunkie Scam?

If you are looking for the Surveyjunkie.com then you arrive at the right place. In this Surveyjunkie review, we will answer all the questions that might disturb you. The questions like, is Surveyjunkie Scam? Or is Surveyjunkie Legit? Or is Surveyjunkie Fake? Or is Surveyjunkie Real? Earlier we were used to think that survey sites are good and one can earn easily from survey sites. But as we evolved with time, we came to understand to earn money on the survey site is not easy and many survey sites working on the internet are not good. Many of them tuned into scam and many of them shut down after few days.

If you are not interested to read the whole article and want to know the crux of this review then we can provide that. Surveyjunkie is a survey site which is legit. But we are placing it in our Not Recommended list. It is because earning money on this can be done it is not the best place to earn money.

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What is Surveyjunkie.com Is Surveyjunkie Scam or Legit Is Surveyjunkie Real or Fake Surveyjunkie Review, Surveyjunkie

What is Survey Junkie about?

Surveyjunkie claims them to be the most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts. Surveyjunkie is a survey site where you can earn money by completing the survey. It is site similar like Swagbucks and Fusion cash.  The Surveyjunkie site launched in 2005 and had over 7,000,000 members at the time of writing this review. Before starting to earn money on this site you have to provide your details or information to the company to make your profile. The information includes age, contact info and consumer references. They use this information to provide you the survey that might interest you and you your thought will be beneficial for the company also.

Surveyjunkie site is one of the sites that do not pay directly into cash but they pay in point system. It means you will earn points by completing and the survey.  After some limit you can cash your points. Instead, you can get e-gifts cards or deposit the point into your PayPal account. It will become cash after redeemption any of the option provided to you. Completing the first profile will earn you 25 points. Most of the survey complete in 5 to 20 minutes. They provide you 50-40 points. On Surveyjunkie 1000 pts is equals to $10.

How much money you can earn on Surveyjunkie?

As company claims and we also believe that “You will not get rich” by taking the surveys. You can earn money online here, but it will not be much. What we mean to say is that extra money can be earned on this site but not an income. Also, qualifying for the survey is not easy every time. Get disqualified and also not getting much survey is the problem which is face by the people working on Survey sites.

Pros of Surveyjunkie

  1. You can join this site for free. It is because of some survey site work as a middleman between companies and the members. Therefore, survey site sells those surveys to you and charge money. But this is not the case with the Surveyjunkie.
  2. You will get the points immediately after completing the survey. Some site delay in processing and rewarding the points that you earn on their site.
  3. Rewards can be sent to immediately for the redemption. No fee charges to redeem the points. Low minimum cash-out limits i.e. $10.
  4. One fo the best thing is that you can earn points even for those surveys for which you are not qualified. Many people get disqualified in between of the survey and it is totally wastes of time. But not in Surveyjunkie.
  5. Referral program: you can earn money and good money by making referral on this site, which will ultimately help in your earning. By this program, you will provide the same opportunity to others that you get on this site.

Surveyjunkie Complaints

  1. Privacy issue: since other companies survey work on this site, those website may share your information with other partner companies or site. It means you are going to receive many emails or messages in your inbox which is of no use.
  2. Math doesn’t add up: earning of money on this site depends upon the supply and demand. Demographic location does affect your earning because you will be qualified or get disqualify. You might be willing to answer spend more time on this site but you will not.
  3. False account closure: people have complaint about their account get closed for no apparent grounds. Generally, it happens when the member violates any of their rules or some time company act shady.
  4. Issues regarding payment: many people also have complaint of not receiving their money or gift cards. It is not a good sign for any company to run for a long time. It also happens that company generally suspend those accounts or deny payment to the people who violate their rule.


Surveyjunkie is not a scam site and 100% legit site. But we do Not Recommended any of your readers to join it because this site is not going to provide you good money. We advise you to avoid this site. It is because there are many sites which are better than Surveyjunkie is available on the internet. It means there are many opportunity available better than Surveyjunkie.

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If you have any problem regarding Surveyjunkie site, please tell us by commenting in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.

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