SurveyRewardz Review: Unveiling ‘SurveyRewardz’, Can surveys actually pay you?

SurveyRewardz Review: Unveiling ‘SurveyRewardz’, Can surveys actually pay you?

With the boom in the virtual world of internet, a lot of opportunities have come up to earn money. While, few are legit and you can rely on them, others are scam websites that just give you false hopes.

Nowadays people are so busy with their work that they hardly get time for themselves. But, this doesn’t stop them from progressing and thinking of multiple ways to earn money. Well, it is a fact that humans can never be satisfied, hence different ways of earning money online have come up. All of them are at just a click of the mouse and at your own comfort.

One such very common way of earning money online is by taking up surveys. ‘SurveyRewardz’ is a company that rewards us for taking up surveys through their website. Let us take a closer look at SurveyRewardz and find out if it is a good source to make money.

What exactly is SurveyRewardz?

SurveyRewardz Review Unveiling ‘SurveyRewardz’, Can surveys actually pay you

SurveyRewardz is a survey panel website that brings the best surveys that match our profile. This website is purely based on affiliate marketing and advertising. Evolving modern communication and information technologies play a vital role in the activities of SurveyRewardz.

The whole system is a property of Point2shop, LLC and it is also doing business as P2sample, based in United States. They’ve also provided us with the address that is based in 3159 Royal Drive, Suite 360, Alpharetta, Georgia 30022, United States of America.

We can reach out to their team via e-mail at

What keeps their business going?

SurveyRewardz is quite a renowned website and is reputable as it is a subsidiary of Point2shop which has been in business for quite a long period of time.

The home page of their site is very simple and provides us with every information needed, which is a good sign and proves that SurveyRewadz is legitimate. Joining this firm is quite easy and simple.

You can register with them at zero cost, that is, it doesn’t prompt us to fill in our credit/debit card details unlike the others. Registration on this site just requires you to put your email address and create a desired password.

Then, you have to take a short survey filling in your basic details like gender, date of birth, marital status, parental status and other personal information.

After this, your profile is successfully built. It is advisable that you fill in each detail properly as it will help you fetch surveys.

Are you eligible to take surveys?

Well, SurveyRewardz allows a decent age group to earn money on their website. Any person above 18 years of age can take up the surveys. The ones who are younger, that is, between the age of 13 to 16 years may not feel bad as SurveyRewardz gives them an opportunity as well, but only with their parent’s consent. Not to forget that this age group is only restricted to the United States, countries from the EU (European Union) target a different group. Minors from 16-18 years in the EU can access the services of the site only with parental permission.

Every coin has two sides, so does ‘SurveyRewardz’ has


  • Registration is for free and it hardly takes 10-15 minutes to register.
  • Site provides ample payment options like Amazon Gift card, Virtual Visa, PayPal, Payza, Dwolla and Paper check.
  • Subsidiary of Point2shop, hence legitimate.
  • Get automatically matched with surveys that pay you the best.
  • Don’t have to worry about silly mails bugging you; you choose you own surveys, SurveyRewardz doesn’t trouble you with mails.
  • Has a proper Privacy Policy that ensures member’s information is not at stake.
  • Proper information about organization, privacy policy and how the system works is present.
  • Customer support is available to answer your queries.


  • Although enough information is provided on the website, if you want to know more you have to register with them.
  • Low- income potential: can earn up to $0.5 to $10 per survey.

However, there are surveys that can pay you better but the chances of getting them are rare.

These can be counted as drawbacks, but they aren’t such major ones.

Is SurveyRewards a good source?

The site has many pros as compared to the cons. It is a legit website that actually pays you for the surveys you take.
As they say, It is always better to be safe than sorry, hence it is advisable that one does the research and read reviews of such sites before actually using them.

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