Surveysavvy Review: Is  Surveysavvy a legit  survey site?

Surveysavvy Review: Is  Surveysavvy a legit  survey site? is a website that allows you to complete surveys and return be awarded money or coupons for top brands and shops including Fairy Liquid, Oral-B, Head & Shoulders, Walmart, and Krogers to name just a few. You can also earn money and coupons on the by referring your friends and family to use the site and if they complete surveys themselves you get rewarded. In this review, we will be listing the pros and cons of the website and giving our verdict on whether is a scam or not.

Surveysavvy Review: Is  Surveysavvy a legit  survey site?


-The website was founded in 2009 and has been up and running ever since the fact that is has been running now for over a decade helps make it seem more reputable. As if the website is a scam it will not have so many users after all these years.

– All people that get disqualified from doing a survey automatically receive a draw for the monthly sweepstakes. This is a good feature of the site as on the majority of other survey sites the user gets nothing in return when they get disqualified from a survey.

– The sweepstakes used to be one big draw of $500 however it is now 50 separate draws of $10 each which increases the chances of you winning by a lot.

– All the money and coupons owed to users is always paid to them according to reviews around the internet which makes the website fairly legitimate and also trustworthy.

– You can earn rewards on the website by not even doing any work by simply referring people on the website with you getting rewarded every time they complete a survey on

– The company behind recently released their own web extension called SavvyConnect that can be downloaded on computers, phones, and tablets. SavvyConnects gathers information on the user while they browse the internet, for example, what websites they visit and what they search for. This way users that have downloaded their web extension can get paid an average of $5 a month for simply downloading the app and leaving it there to gather data while they go about their daily business.

– surveys are available to do whenever you have a spare 20 minutes, they can be done anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

– At you are able to set up your own profile and bio on the site which gives the website’s users a sense of community.

– Furthermore, there is a forum for the site where you can discuss tips on how to qualify for more surveys and other online money making opportunities. This is a great feature of the website because it allows you to interact with people that share similar passions to you.

– The site is very simple and easy to use, which is great for elderly users who are on average less tech-savvy but are looking to earn some coupons and money in their spare time.


– does not offer you a lot of surveys a month, it offers you on average 12 surveys a month which is nothing when you consider how much you get paid for completing each one.

– You need to qualify for a lot of the surveys on the platform, which means that you will have to spend a lot of typing completing questions in some cases for nothing in return when you get rejected.

– Paypal and bank transfers are not currently available for users of which will make it much harder and time-consuming for people to withdraw the money they have earned with their hard work.

– The money paid on for completing surveys is extremely low, it generally ranges from 50 cents to $2 with the bigger longer surveys paying you $3. This is very low pay considering that you need to spend on average 10 to 20 minutes completing these surveys excluding the time you have to spend answering questions before the surveys to ensure that you are the target audience of whoever is conducting those surveys.

– People who don’t live in the United States will on average qualify for fewer surveys because the majority of the companies that conduct surveys on this site are based predominantly in the United States. This will definitely put off any users from the rest of the world.

– Some of the payments methods on the website like cheque have been noted for taking close to 3 months to arrive to users which is an awfully long time to wait in order to get paid.

– Some people may be uncomfortable with their new web extension SurveyConnect which gathers data on what websites users go on and what they search for. However, it is not mandatory to download SurveyConnect in order to use

– It is better to get a part-time job with the free time you will be wasting on as you will earn a lot more money in the process.

– The referral program on is only two-tiered which means that you will not make any money from the referrals of the people that you have referred. This is not a massive issue however some other Survey sites that have a referral program allow you to earn a commission also from the users referred from your referrals.

– pays in cheques which take a very long time to arrive by mail and if they get lost or damaged it can take even longer.


In conclusion, is not a scam as they offer real surveys and reward their users either with coupons or with money. However, even if the website is not a scam, it is not the best website to make money from doing surveys in your free time as there is a limited amount of surveys on offer and also it is targeted at users that live in the United States. This combined with the very low pay makes, not a great site to use if you are serious about making money in your free time. Despite this, we can definitely recommend installing their web extension SavvyConnects as long as you are not worried too much about your privacy as you can get paid a minimum of $5 a month for just browsing the internet on your phone as you usually would.