What is SurveySpot.com? is Survey Spot Scam?

Many people around the web are searching for the Site known as SurveySpot.com. If you are also looking for the same site then congrats you are reading the right and the perfect article to resolve the queries regarding this site. In this Survey Spot review, we are going to deal with some of the questions like, is Survey Spot Scam? Or is Survey Spot Legit? Or is Survey Spot Real? Or is Survey Spot Fake? There are many complaints have been seen on the internet regarding Survey Spot scam. Such claims come from the members of the company who get disqualified by the Survey Spot. All the claims are true and all of them are from the members. The site is not performing very well. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can provide the same to you in next few lines. We do “Not Recommend” this company to you. One of the big problems in this site is regarding the qualification in Survey Spot panel. Joining this site is free and but to work on this company you need to be a citizen of the USA. But we simply do not recommend it due to the other various reasons. There are many points we are going to discuss below, which are very solid to prove our argument. The Survey Spot is not a scam.

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What is Surveyspot.com Is SurveySpot Scam or Legit Is Survey Spot Real or Fake SurveySpot Review, SurveySpot

What Survey Spot is about? Background of SurveySpot

SurveySpot is a site similar to other survey sites in which one can earn money by completing the surveys. Surveys are listed in the company and you have to complete those surveys as per the direction given by the surveys.

If you check the WHOIS records of the SurveySpot then you will find that the domain name surveyspot.com was registered in 1999. It is registered under the company name Survey Sampling International. The owner name of the SurveySpot is David Brent EU. The address of the SurveySpot owner which is available in the WHOIS records is 7th Floor, 1-19 New Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom. The company owner address is in UK but the location of the company is in US. And also even only residents of United States are the one that can work within the SurveySpot.

How to earn money on SurveySpot site?

Basically, SurveySpot is surveyed site. It is very much true that you will earn money on this site by completing the surveys. The good part is that joining is free for everyone. The surveys are listed on a site. You have to complete the surveys as per their guidelines with respect to earning money. It may take more than 20 minutes to complete the surveys. Still, the earnings of the majority of the people are not good. It is because of the reasons that we have already told in above paragraph i.e. people get kicked out from the middle of the survey or get disqualified after 15 minutes. Reason for disqualification provided by the company is like sometimes they replied that they have got the no. of responses that they required for that survey. The reason of the company is not satisfactory because if they have got the number of responses then why they listed that survey on the list and waste the time of the member who spends their time to complete the survey.

You can also find a different kind of games on the site of the SurveySpot. Games like scratch card games or slot machines games. The claim of the company regarding the games is that the member can earn money instantly by winning the games.

The company also claims that the new members will receive the $25000 cash sweepstakes and also awarded additional sweepstake entries every time they complete the survey on their site. It sounds good?  The fact is that it only sounds good. In reality, nobody earns such good amount. If they are earning as per the company claim then this review will be totally different from the present description. The company showing those high prizes to attract a large number of people on its site. However, the company simply disqualifies the member and nobody will be able to get those huge prizes.

Member can earn rewards on this site. Rewards in the form of Amazon e-voucher, airline miles, cash payable to the member via PayPal and iTunes e-vouchers can be earned by a person if he/she become successful in completing the surveys or winning the games.

Drawbacks of SurveySpot

  1. Many people have earned very well on the SurveySpot site by completing the surveys. It is because in old days there was very less competition in the market. Therefore, the earning of the people during initial days was very good. Still, many of you can find the claims on the internet that you can earn $2 to $10 from SurveySpot. This is not the scenario anymore. Many things have changed now. For instance, at present, there are no offers like cash prizes. What they offer now? The offer only sweepstakes entries. They have not provided the detail information about it. You do not know how many no. of points you can earn or the no. of sweepstakes entries. You also do not have any idea how frequently one can expect to get the survey in SurveySpot. The company has stated that they hold $25000 worth of sweepstakes which can be drawn quarterly.
  2. Many people find themselves disqualified from the survey. The frustrating part is in some of the surveys you will not get disqualified in the beginning. When a member spend around 20 minutes in completing the surveys after that the company told them that they are disqualified for that particular survey. Some surveys automatically get stopped in the middle and you do not know the reason. Since the surveys are basically tagged with their geographical location. Only people who are the resident of the USA are the one that can work great on this survey site. Other people will not be able to earn good money on this site and get irritated due to the working of the company. SurveySpot is not unique with such kind of problem. Almost every survey site has this kind of problem.
  3. Another major problem regarding SurveySpot is about their customer service.
    Customer care of the SurveySpot is very far away from the satisfactory level. If anybody raises the question on their site like why they are not get qualified for the most of the surveys? Instead of solving this problem or helping people or giving them the satisfactory reason w=behind their rationale the company just suspends the member account.


SurveySpot is Not Recommend by us. It neither get a place in our “Promising Section” nor in “Trusted and Legit” Work section. The reason for the same is given in the above paragraphs. Since the company is not a scam. It means you can earn on this company by different modes as per the company claims. To work on this site or not is your discretion. We have placed the unbiased review of the SurveySpot in front of you. Be wise with your decision and do what seems right to you.

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If you got any doubt regarding the SurveySpot then please mention it in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.