What is Swagbucks.com? Is Swagbucks Scam?

If you are looking to get details of Swagbucks.com website, you have arrived at the right place. In this Swagbucks review, we will answer your doubts. Doubts about whether Swagbucks scam or Swagbucks legit? Whether Swagbucks real or Swagbucks fake? Earning money online is a good thing. But there are various websites operating that scam people. But Swagbucks website is not like those websites. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can provide you the summary of Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a legit website. It is not a scam website. It is paying to is member regularly. You can earn money in a different manner. Let’s explore the website in this article.

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What is Swagbucks.com Is Swagbucks Scam or Legit Is Swagbucks Real or Fake Swagbucks Review, Swagbucks

How Does Swagbucks works?

It is an online reward program. On this website, you will be rewarded for completing the online tasks. Tasks are the one that you normally perform daily on the internet. Anyone can join Swagbucks for free. Yes, it is free to join and work. To earn money on this website is very simple as well as easy.

We have already mentioned that you can earn money on this website by completing simple tasks. Tasks or activities you do on Swagbucks website are surfing the internet, watching videos, completing surveys etc. As you search on Google in the same way you search in Swagbucks search engine for which you earn money on this website. Swagbucks does not pay directly into cash but its pay in the form of swag bucks. You can convert Swagbucks into gift cards of Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and so on. It can also be converted into cash and you can receive your payment into PayPal

The minimum cashout limit of Swagbucks is $5 when you wish to get payment in the form of Amazon, Target, Walmart and other company’s gift cards. But if you want to cash it out or receive it in your PayPal account, you need $25 in your account.

Different ways to earn money on Swagbucks.
  1. Swagbucks search engine: it seems that Swagbucks search engine to be link with bung search engine. It is because we find some kind of search result on both the search engine. It means using Swagbucks search engine is not a bad idea and you will earn money also by doing it. The only problem is that the payment is very low. You can not dream to earn a huge income using Swagbucks search engine. It is because you will not earn direct cash. You receive money in the form of Swag Bucks. The conversion rate of Swag bucks is 450 swag bucks equals to $5 Amazon gift card. To earn 450 Swagbucks you have to do at least 5000 searches. If you want to cash out directly into your PayPal account, you have to earth at least 2500 Swag bucks which are equal to $25. It simply means you can not earn much but still you can earn.
  2. By watching videos: the videos you view in the Swagbucks is totally for earning money. It is because videos are not much entertaining. The payment you will earn for viewing the videos is low. You can earn only 3 bucks for watching 10 videos clips each will be around 40 seconds. It means you have to view around 8000 clips each for 49 seconds to earn 2500 swag bucks. It will be equal to $25 i.e. minimum cashout threshold.
  3. Swagbucks games: you can rath money by playing games but if you play them free of cost, you cannot earn any good income. Even if you play games by using your bucks then you will earn money only after winning the game. Otherwise you will lose your bet amount.
  4. Trial Offers: the website offer trails. According to it, you have to try the various product. The problem you faced is that you have to provide your personal information. You have to provide your email id and credit card information to different companies and also subscribe for monthly subscriptions. It is much time to investment for earning few money.
  5. Daily Poll: it is very easy to understand and follow. For completing daily polls you will earn 1 bucks. It means to earn 450 bucks you have to post for 1 year daily and regularly.
  6. Surveys: you can earn on this website by completing the surveys. Surveys are simple like other surveys in other websites.
  7. Referral program: referrals are used by websites to increase the traffic. They pay commission to people in reward. You have to refer other members through your referral link. You can earn 10% commission of the money that your referral earn by working on this website.
Some drawbacks
  1. Swagbucks is limited to few countries only. It will work great if you live in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.
  2. Earnings are not much. You have to do a lot of hard work.
  3. Swagbucks trail offers are risky in nature. It is because you have to provide your information both personal as well as financial information to them.

Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, and Eron Zehavi are the fingers of Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a genuine website. It is not a scam because it is paying to its members. But still, we have found complaints of Swagbucks. It is very common to have complaints about the company. It shows that company is genuine and answering to members complaints increases the credibility of the company. The domain of Swagbucks i.e. www.swagbucks.com was registered in October 2007. The company is regularly paying to its members on time. We should not neglect the complaints against the company. We see the complaints are worthy or not. If you compare the number of complaints with the strength of its members, you will find complaints to be negligible. Complains of getting kicked out in the middle of surveys or not get credited after the completion of surveys are true. But we found out that most of the time, the fault is from the user side. They irresponsible or by mistake did not follow their TOS. Sometimes advertisers that listed surveys job within the Swagbucks try to scam members. They did not credit member account after completion of the surveys. Here, were advice you, to contact Swagbucks first. Their support team will decently help you. It is no use to help that the company is a scam. Its support team does not help you then you can claim a website to be a scam. From our research we found out the customer service of Swagbucks is good and they had taken stringent action against fraud advertisers.


You can work freely on this website. It is because Swagbucks is not a scam website. It is very hard to earn money on this website but you can earn. It is tough to earn good money but still, it is posting regularly to its members. Earning money is not easy, therefore, it does not matter on which legit website you work. You have to work hard on every site.

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If you have any question regarding Swagbucks website, feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to help you.


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