Sweatcoin Review: Is Sweatcoin Scam or Legit?

Sweatcoin Review: Is Sweatcoin Scam or Legit?

The time to get out of the bed for working is a procrastinating task. And all such excuses add up to our laziness. But this laziness and delays in works ends at that moment when you get to know that you are supposed to be paid for every step you take towards your health and for such reason the app named Sweatcoin is been developed.

Now the question intriguing in your subconscious would be to know that do Sweatcoin works?  Or it’s just an app to play with the sentiments of the people. And for the very reason you are here.

The app namely Sweatcoin is basically, for the people who are are sporty or even for the people who are willing to earn by developing their health. This very app is not scam it’s completely legit, trustworthy and is of a great use to people as it creates cognizance of health and creates awareness among them. This is an amazingly created app which pays in crypto currency to get fit. Sweatcoin was co-founded by the Anton Derlyatka on January 15 , 2015. Due to its splendid performance the app was featured on sites like Forbes, Reuter and The Telegraph.

Sweatcoin Review Is Sweatcoin Scam or Legit


Concisely, Sweatcoin is app which indulges motivation in people to do exercise and to take a step forward to their weight loss. Basically, what they do is, they convert your steps into the currency Sweatcoin and eventually converting these Sweatcoin into cash or rewards.

Firstly, you need to download the app and sign up , which is absolutely free. The app has its working on both, your iphone or even over the android application or an apple wearable. Then, the app takes an access to your GPS to verify your location and after that the app is perfectly ready to use. Then, you just need to start walking in order to earn cash. The app converts your distance into Sweatcoin and eventually into rewards. Once, you collect a certain amount of Sweatcoin, and then you are eligible to cash out for your rewards of your choice. The reward could be an iphone , Tv, or other products available at that particular time in the app itself.

How much money can be earned by using Sweatcoin:

What exactly you need to do is just let the app running in your mobiles background and let your day begin with a new sunshine morning and start walking. The app therefore consumes less battery so it won’t even create any problem. For every 1000 steps you walk you make 0.95 Sweatcoins. But one issue which seems clear with this application is that Sweatcoin doesn’t work on the treadmill as it’s not able to count the steps. The app therefore limits your earning limit per day up to 5 Sweatcoins that clearly means 5000 steps a day.

Therefore, the value of your Sweatcoin is determined at the cash out, which varies due to several market conditions. The app also claims that if you refer the app to your friends and family members, than every single referral fetches you 5 Sweatcoin.

Account plans provided by the Sweatcoin:

As soon as you sign up inside the app, you are eligible for the “Mover” plan which is free of cost. Hence it is restricted to 5 Sweatcoins a day which means 150 Sweatcoin per month. Therefore, it even brings up various paid plans:

  • Shaker = It costs 4.75 Sweatcoins , earns up to 10 sweatcoins a day or 300 per month.
  • Quaker = It costs 20 sweatcoins , and earns up to 15 sweatcoin a day or 450 per month.
  • Breaker = It costs 30 sweatcoins, earns up to 20 sweatcoin per day or 600 per month.

How to get it started:

Once you complete with your downloading, and connect it to iphone, apple watch, and android you all need to do is to sign up and complete with your verification details like phone number, email address, your location and create a password. The app is free for ages of 13 and above. Once, all the things are setup then it’s ready to login at every place you are at move.

Now the question arises, when do the Sweatcoin pays? Yes, obviously they do pay, but when? Therefore, you can check anytime the offers availing which particularly suit you. And if you have enough sweatcoins then knock yourself with the fascinating rewards and you cash out via PayPal.

Why it is recommendable?

  • Simple and easy to use = The app is easy to operate. There are no problems related to crypto currency and its usage is beneficial.
  • Various modes of usage = The digital currency earned by Sweatcoin app, can be exchanged by with real world products like yoga class, can even be invested for charity. And even its acceptability has been increased to the extent that even the vendors are also accepting it. The sweatcoin can even be transferred to the friends.
  • People got paid = In the world of fakeness, where nothing can be accepted on a easy note , there Sweatcoin proved itself to be a legit app . It actually provides money to the people but just condition them that they need to walk for earning.

What makes it disappointing?

As its clear that sweatcoin is a legit app but here is some pitfall about sweatcoin which probably you should know. Firstly, there are many reviews of the users over the internet that Sweatcoin application drags a lot battery , due to which they have to carry a power bank with them all the time.

Some of the users complain that the app pops up the fascinating rewards at the time when you do not have sufficient Sweatcoins in your wallet and you’re dragging your leg way out to obtain such rewards. But the moment you have Sweatcoins saved with you the offers disappear.