What is Swissgolden.com? Is Swissgolden Scam?

If you are worried about the site Swissgolden.com then don’t be. We are here to help you. In this Swissgolden review, we are going to answer all your questions and solve doubts. The question arises, is Sweissgolden Scam? Or is Swissgolden legit? Or is Swissgolden Fake? Or is Swissgolden Real? By seeing many sites we are not able to decide whether they are good or bad. It means we are not able to understand the legitimacy of the company. It is true, for that you should observe the company working and the way they are operating or function. Website scam people with different ways and many people lose their money. Some get fraud because they did not know about the Ponzi Scheme and others get scammed may be because they wanted to earn more or you can say “human greed”. If you are not interested to read the whole article and only concerned about the review and not the reasons then here it is. We do “Not Recommend” Swissgolden site due to various reason we are going to discuss in our article. The working of the Swissgolden is based on “Pyramid scheme” where the company tries to make more members instead of selling their product. They do not have profit in making new members but still, they are going to pay their members a commission. It means the company is going to pay to its members from the investment made by the new members. This is nothing but a pyramid scheme.

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What is Swissgolden.com Is Swissgolden Scam or Legit Is Swissgolden Real or Fake Swissgolden Review, Swissgolden

How does Swissgolden work?

The working of Swissgolden might seem different but it is not. We can say because they are claiming to invest money in gold. In reality, they are not because their main function is totally focused on making new members and get their money as an investment. They are not having any profit and they do not have any mechanism to share their revenue. The only visible source of revenue is the new investment. Yes, the company is working on making new members instead of selling any real product. Since they are not selling any real product or services on their site. It means they are working on the “Pyramid scheme” about which we have talked in our above paragraphs. This scheme is illegal and many already get scammed due to this scheme. The scammers know that people want to earn money desperately and they are not going to concern about the way company is working. This thinking led many people to lose their own money instead of earning money.

The company is hiding their information. It means they are lacking the transparency. Lacking transparency in the present digital world is not good for any company to be successful. Such companies never last for long. It is because only scam sites or bad sites hide their identity from the people. We checked their WHOIS records. They have hidden their information there also. The company is hiding from the public intentionally and they are not going to help you to earn money. You can think of yourself that a company that is not able to share its information with its members are they going to share the revenue properly as they claim. In reality and from our experience of years we can say for sure that they are not going to pay you. Companies like Swissgolden can pay initially to its member but after some time they will run with people money and no one will catch them. It is simply because they have not leave a trail that led towards them.


We do Not Recommend the Swissgolden site. Due to the reasons we have stated above. We do not want people to get scammed due to ignorance. Sites like Swissgolden are going to scam people someday but since it will initially, we cannot declare it a scam yet. To work on this site or not is your decision. We have provided the true picture of the company. Now, the ball is in your decide and take action. We advise you to avoid this site and keep distance from it. Also, aware people in your social circle about the working of sites like Swissgolden to make them safe from the scammers.

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If you got any doubt about the Swissgolden site, please tell us about it by writing your problem in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.