Worried about earning legit money? Tap Tap Money app

Till now you people might be aware to the type of work we carry out. In the past updates we have already reviewed variety of applications, websites and surveys sites.

Firstly we appreciate the efforts you have undertaken to protect the society from the scam that hack the growth.

In this article we will discuss about our recent research Tap Tap Money app which ethically is a reward site. According to the claims of the inventers money can be easily fetched by accomplishing simple and effortless tasks.

Here in this review we will uncover all the major prospects and conclude whether Tap Tap Money app is legit or another trick played by the scammers.

Worried about earning legit money? Tap Tap Money app

What is TapTap Money app?

This mobile operating application Tap Tap Money is developed and run by a mother company namely Tapjolt LLC. The application fetch easy money to its members by completing easy and simple tasks such as completing surveys, taking offers, watching videos, installing applications, trying games and referring friends.

Once you conquer your task the company Tap Tap Money will credit the points in your account. Hence, accumulated points can be redeemed via PayPal after providing the request for payment.

Abruptly Tap Tap Money application is legit and working well in their perspective but numerous complaints against the company can be revealed.  The users are not being paid and even their payments are missing which creates curiosity in the minds of people.

After a keen observation we found out that the company is not justifying any Terms and Condition section on their official page. This indirectly indicates the message by the company that they are free to do whatever they wish to. Such circumstances create red flags against Tap Tap Money app.

How Tap Tap Money app does tend to work?

Currently Tap Tap Money app is only available for Android users. Thus the application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Once the application is installed you will be required to create an account through your email address. Hence you are relived in this section as no time will be invested in verifying the email address you have provided.

In order to withdraw the hard earned points the members will have to reach the limit of 1000 points. Therefore the points can be redeemed through PayPal which is most reliable source of payments.

Ways to earn money:

The company provides various ways to its members in order to allow them to earn easy money. Whenever you will login you will glimpse with 4 tabs which are mentioned below.

  • Cash For Apps: This unit of earning money will fetch you points by downloading applications and installing free games. Majority of the application contents will consist of gaming application where you will be required to play the game for few moments until and unless you reach a specified level in that game.

Using this unit the members can fetch somewhere between 25 – 50 points.

  • Super Offer Wall: This unit contains an offer wall which is flourished with third party offers. Majority of the offers on the offer wall will ask you the personal details and contact info in order to gateway you to the prize draw.

In simpler words third party companies are offering you can amazing opportunity to publicize their products and services through email and contact number in exchange of money.

This section not only contains promoting offers but you will also find surveys, free trials and free signs up. It is advisable to read the provided instructions carefully as each and every offer available vary from each other.

Even there are offers which require subscription prior to their usage. Hence it is mandatory to read the instructions before submitting personal or financial details in order to protect oneself from trap.

Precisely, it is observed that free offers or trials fetch you less than 100 points.

  • Watch Videos: Whenever you select this unit for collecting points, an ad video will play automatically for about 10 seconds. If you watch the video ad then at the end of it the company will provide you 2 – 10 point each video.

Therefore the number of videos available will totally depend on the country you reside in.

  • Invite Friends: Fortunately the Tap Tap Money application provides its embers to earn additional points by referring to friends. If your friends use the Tap Tap Money application using your referral code then you will fetch 10% of commission of all the referral earnings and they will receive 100 points at the time of their sign up.


As mentioned above after members accumulate 1000 points they are all set to request for payment. The payments will be received through PayPal. You just need to submit your PayPal address and click on the “Request Payment” in order to receive payments.

The company also provides its members to receive their hard earned money through gift cards of your own choice.

Unluckily the Tap Tap Money application does not specify the number of days require to receive the payments.


  • The company credits the payments to their members via PayPal which occurs to be the most trusted source of payment.
  • The Tap Tap Money application is available for the people residing all over the world.
  • The threshold to be acquired in order to request the payments is 1000 points which stands equally to $1.
  • Fortunately the company provides referral program to their members which will be bring 10% earnings of their referrals to the existing members.


  • Firstly the company does not take any pain to provide “Terms and Condition Section”.
  • The videos available for fetching money are very much limited.
  • Majority of the people are annoyed by the draining battery due to the Tap Tap Money application.
  • Many people have complained of their missing payments.
  • The company does not mention the time period which will be taken for receiving the payments.


Tap Tap Money app is legit and working well but due to various reasons we still do not recommend it to our readers.

The application is not focusing on providing Terms and Condition for the security of its members. While several people are disappointed as their payments were missing. This creates curiosity in the heads of people.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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