What is TextBroker.com? Is TextBroker Scam?

If you are looking to know about the site TextBroker.com then you are reading the right page. In this TextBroker review, we will like to share with you some question that was asked by our most of the readers. Questions like, is TextBroker Scam? OR is TextBroker Legit? Or is TextBroker Fake? Or is TextBroker Real? Online content writing is not new and there are many sites that allow members and clients to integrate into one platform. This platform works as a mediator and allows the members to write for different people and give much freedom to their client to select the content or not. If you are not interested to read the whole article or review then we can provide the whole article in a nutshell. We are placing TextBroker in our Not Recommended Section. TextBroker is not a scam it means it is 100% genuine company and works legibly. If you work on this site then fear of getting scam is not there. Still, you will not be able to earn decent money or a fulltime income on this site. To know more about the working of the TextBroker site, please read this full article.

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What is Textbroker.com Is Textbroker Scam or Legit Is Textbroker Real or Fake Textbroker Review, Textbroker

How does TextBroker work? Its background

In simple works, TextBroker is work as a broker for the content seeker companies and the content writer. It functions as a bridge to shorten the gap between companies and the freelance writers. Yes, it is not a unique site. There are many sites working similar to it. But one thing which is good about it is that it is legit.

It was founded in Germany in 2008. At present, it has the headquarters in New York City and Las Vegas. It focuses mainly on two areas. First, it works for their clients. Clients are the company or people who are seeking the content for their work or company. They are going to purchase the content on TextBroker site. Second, they allow freelancer writer to get work. They can make money by writing content for the TextBroker clients.

How to join TextBroker?

To join the TextBroker is free of cost, with an application process. In the beginning, the TextBroker will provide you some topics. You have to submit an article of your choice which is based on the topics provided to you by the TextBroker. It is very important because as they say, the first impression is the last impression. TextBroker is going to provide you ‘quality rating’ based on your article. Literally, you will get the rating between 1 to 5. It is extremely difficult to get the rating of 5 and it is rare in every sense.

The company takes around 2 weeks to evaluate your article. It is a long period therefore, you should maintain patience. Once you get the rating from the TextBroker, you can start your work on this site. There are many topics will be present and you can choose that on your own. The articles will be available according to your quality rating. The article is assessed by the author and the TextBroker people. Your work re-assessed by the TextBroker to provide the fair chance of earning more money for the serious writers.

The payment system of TextBroker and when they pay?

TextBroker pays the writer through PayPal. What you need to do is send them a W9 form which is explicitly required before making any payment. For the people who are not a US citizen do not go forward on this site. It is because TextBroker does not have any minimum threshold. For them to send even one cent, you have to be onboard with this process.

The minimum payout limit on the TextBroker is of $10 i.e. before requesting the payment you have to earn more than or equal to $10 on this site. The money you will receive at the beginning of every business week.


One can find many complaints about the TextBroker site. It is because TextBroker is a very commonly used platform. Some common complaints are like:

  1. It is good for US residents only: Yes, believe it or not, TextBroker is only open to US residents only. Do not try to fool TextBroker by using VPN or proxy server. It is because they need a proper validation to confirm you are a US citizen or not. They want W9 tax form to be sent to the US IRS.
  2. Terrible user interface: You will understand this problem once you join it. It is very bad to see such a good site has a bad interface. It is very hard to work there because frequently some ‘internal error’ will pop-up on the screen that not only frustrates but also cause a member to log in and out all the time.
  3. Take lots of information: TextBroker requires information of their members. It does not happen in other content writing sites. If you are a private person then you should be prepared for this in advance. The company registration form is very lengthy and makes TextBroker unique among its peers. They are taking much more information as compared to other sites. It takes almost a month to get fully verified and get ready to work on this site. Giving in-depth information might not make you comfortable. We did not find any reports that claim they are miss-using people information. But still, giving id depth information is not makes any sense.

From June 20016, the evaluation and rating of the client do not bear any harm on the rating of the writer. The new system updated by the company is supposed to take that into account.  Now, your one article is evaluated by the editor of TextBroker and another article determines the rating. With this system, only the editor determines your rating and not the client.

But clients can reject your article after giving the writer one chance to review it. TextBroker on their own also review the article and if they think the client is unfair to the writer then they will overturn their decision and the writer will receive their payment. If TextBroker people decide the client was right then client decision of rejection is maintained and writer will not be getting paid.


TextBroker is a legit site. It is not a scam. This point we have already mentioned in our article beginning. We find it not good for the people other than the US citizen. It is because of their hard rules. The company will pay you according to your rating and with the new system in work, makes the game more fair than earlier. You will get money if you have written a good article and according to the client demand. This site will help a person to earn money. But if you are thinking to earn very good money from this site then it is not possible. Still, you can earn extra cash from this site (only if you a US citizen). Due to this reason, we have placed this site on our Not Recommended list. It has made their nest only for US people and not for the whole world.

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If you go any problem regarding TextBroker site, please do mention it in our Comment box. You can write us freely. We will be happy to listen to you.