The AZ Code Review – Is The AZ Code a Scam?

Hello friends, if you are looking to get the information about The Az Code product then you can relax now because we are going to provide a deep The Az Code review to you. There might be some questions coming into your mind after reading about this product like, is The Az Code Scam? Or is The Az Code Fake? Or is The Az Code Real? Or is The Az Code Legit? These are the general questions that one should ask. In the IT industry, many unscrupulous people are also playing their game to woo people with profitable claims and earn money by making them fool. If you are not interested to read the full review, then we can answer all questions in one line. We do Not Recommend this site. We find some points that mark its working as a scam company but since it is available on the Click Bank site, therefore, getting the refund in 60 days make it not a totally scam site.

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What is The Az Code?

The AZ Code is the abbreviation of the Amazon Code. It claims that their system provides the fastest way to make money from Amazon. Amazon we all know is one the biggest online retails sites where one can find any product under the sky. The affiliate marketing on this site is the source of income for many people across the globe.

Basically, The Az Code is the secret system that allows you to earn $40000 per month in Amazon commission. They provide some basic training that one can learn by simply observing the different sites.

How does The Az Code work?

According to the founder of The AZ Code, this product is mainly based on affiliate marketing. Their program encompassing courses and tutorials for you. All such claims are just to prove themselves authentic and that’s all. If making in thousands of dollars is so easy then every other person will be going to use this product and become a millionaire in short period of time. Their claims are superficial and unrealistic. We never promote any such products that are not realistic. Giving the dreams to people is a good thing but making them fool and providing unrealistic dreams is a crime.

The basic idea behind this product is that they want to sell it by making the claim that you can earn money by simply using their product. The money you will earn will be thousands of dollars per month and more. They are offering their product for $37 and after refreshing the page you can get straight $10 discount.

Cons of The Az Code

  1. Fake testimonial: It is not new for any scam site to provide a fake testimonial about its website. There are many examples available on the internet regarding fake testimonials. In their videos also they use actors to give feedback about the same product. One of the testimonial claim to earn $500000 in just 7 months which is next to impossible using this product. There is no real testimonial available on the site. If this product is really good then the owner does not need actors and fake testimonials. People on their own will right for them.
  2. Unreal Claims: the claims of the company is very unreal. They cannot provide what they are guaranteed. It is because earning thousands of dollars by installing a system in a computer is not real. These unscrupulous people play with the phycology of the human brain. They show such a brilliant number that mind starts thinking about and how to get. It is a universal fact and that is why people using the internet can scam people living in any corner of the world.
  3. Fake Owner: the name of the owner is provided as Andrew Peterson. But we doubt that he is the real person. It is so because we did not find any photo or video of him. Since his system is secret one but it does not require him to hide his identity. We know that it is not the point to claim this site a scam site but where money is involved the transparency becomes pre-requisite. Trust of people also earned by coming in-front. By this, we want to just tell you that all the hype claims on this site is done by an anonymous person.
  4. Training Videos: the step by step training videos that company claim is of no help. The training videos or so generic that one can easily know them just watching the videos on the Youtube. They are not of much help.

Pros of The Az Code

  1. First thing good about this product is that it is true that one can make money in Amazon. It is true but the method provided by this product is not useful much and not going to help you as it promises.
  2. Since it is available on the Click bank then the money back guarantee of 60 days is there which can protect your money by getting waste totally.


The Az Code is not a very good product in which you should put your money, as you can understand the reason by reading the whole article. We do not recommend it and we also advise you to keep a distance from such product and also tell people in your social circle about the modus operandi of such products which are cheating the people and taking advantage of their ignorance.

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If you got any doubt regarding The Az Code or any other product do comment in our comment box. We will be happy to serve you.


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