What is TheBillionCoin? Is The Billion Coin Scam?

If you are seeking to get information about the Thebillioncoin.info, you are reading the absolutely the right page. In this Thebillioncoin review, we will try to solve all your queries and provide you the information that you are seeking. There are some general questions we will be answering in our article. The questions like, is Thebillioncoin Scam? Or is The Billion Coin Legit? Or is Thebillioncoin Fake? Or is The Billion Coin Real? In the race to take the advantage of blockchain technology, many cryptocurrency coins are already entered the market. There are many companies’ claims to launch their cryptocurrency. The problem with such coins is that they do not carry any legitimate backing with them. Since the cryptocurrency is still in its nascent stage many people do not understand it. Just to avail the advantage of bitcoins they buy other cryptocurrencies due to ignorance. If you are not interested to read the full article, we can cut short it for you. We do “Not Recommend” the Thebillioncoin website. It is working on a Ponzi scheme, which we will discuss in detail later in the article.

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What is Thebillioncoin.info Is Thebillioncoin Scam or Legit Is Thebillioncoin Real or Fake Thebillioncoin Review, Thebillioncoin

How does Thebillioncoin work?

As aforementioned, there are many cryptocurrencies is on the market. Many websites claim to have a new cryptocurrency system with them. But most of them turned into a scam after some time. The value of non-registered company currency controlled in an arbitrary manner. They never hit the public exchanges that drive the price of other cryptocurrencies. Even sometimes they are not listed in any public ledger. Thebillioncoin is one of such websites. It is also known as TBC.

TBS is a virtual currency that is traded within the community of Thebillioncoin. The members registered on this website, treat it as a real cryptocurrency because company allows the transaction in their coin only. In reality, it is just a virtual coin. It is not a cryptocurrency in the same sense. Thebillioncoin can only sustain if the registered member increases every day, it is because they pay their members the interest they claim from the money invested by the new member. This is nothing but a definition of a Ponzi scheme. It means company working is not legal. The Ponzi scheme is illegal in many countries. TBS is not listed in any public exchange. Therefore, their price is controlled by the admin of the company. The price according to the website is always increasing, which is not possible for any kind of currency.

The transparency provided by the company in its working secure the company credibility in the eyes of its members. Through the first year anniversary of Thebillioncoin website, it is found out that Kris Kringle is the admin of this website. But there is no solid proof of that available on their website or internet. We can say it because when the genuine company provides their details they never guarded their WHOIS records. On contrary to the genuine website, Thebillioncoin Company has guarded their information in WHOIS records. It means the company is intentionally not sharing their identity with its members. It is maybe because they are cheating the people or has a plan to do the same on a big scale.

Cryptocurrencies are of volatile nature. We have seen the exponential growth of bitcoin and its fall. The price of TBC is continuously increasing. It is a mark of suspicious. It is because it is not possible in reality, every currency depreciate or appreciate with time. The price of TBC is controlled by its admin and they do so because they want to sell their coin at the high price. If they sell all their coins, now they have earned a very good profit because the coins are of virtual nature and nothing more. There is a very high chance now that the company will just shutdown the company and run away. Such companies’ schemes are also known as “pump and dump” schemes.

What is it mean? It means that the company first pumps the price of the coins and sells it to its members. The members buy these coins at a high price when the coin is rising every day. The people who sell their coins before the admin sell all their coins are the one that can really earn a profit on this website. But if the member holds the coins in a hope to sell the coin latter are the one that bears all the loss. It is because after sometime company dumps the price of the coin and your coin become of very low value. Therefore, the accelerating and decelerating price of such coins are known as “Pump and Dump scheme”. It is very risky to invest in such websites because you never know when your coins are going to fall, without any reason or pattern of the market.

The condition on the TBC website is also stringent. According to one condition, your wallet can be suspended by the admin. The reason is simple if you do not follow their rules which are very firm and stringent in nature. TBC does not provide you the freedom of holding your coins. It is because if you try to sell the TBC at discount price or gift that to anyone then it will be considered against the rule of Thebillioncoin. If you do not have your financial freedom then there is not a reason to invest your own hard earned money in such websites.

Thebillioncoin has provided a formula to calculate the price of the TBC. The formula is this, they measure the daily growth of verified members in The Billion Coin Community and reward accounting for that growth. In reality no cryptocurrency work like such formula. The formula of TBC does not even make sense. The rise of price depends upon the verified member is idiotic. It simply means that the TBC value purely depends upon the new member. The person who invested earlier can have benefit but others can be deprived of it. This is not a legit way to work. It is unethical and immoral. This working is almost similar to Ponzi scheme, which we have explained above.


Thebillioncoin website is Not Recommend by us. The reasons are already discussed in above paragraph. There is much risk in investing your money on this website. They do not have any authenticity or legitimacy. Even their working depends upon the illegal scheme. Initially, the company will pay to its members. But sooner or later they will stop payment and after some time they are going to run away. But still, you are the real master of your money. It is your call to invest in which website or not. Be wise in your decision.

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If we left any stone unturned and you think there is a point which is essential to discuss regarding the Thebillioncoin website, feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to help you.

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