What is Themonthlysalary.com? Is It Scam or Legit?

What is Themonthlysalary.com? Is It Scam or Legit?

Are you looking around the web to know about Themonthlysalary.com? You are smart person who think and search about facts of a company or website before investing his/her time, resources and money in it. There are several question which trouble almost everybody like, is Themonthlysalary Scam? Or is Themonthlysalary Legit? Or is Themonthlysalary Real? Or is Themonthlysalary Fake? In this Themonthlysalary Review we are going to solve all such general questions asked by many people to us. Many people want to earn money online. Our desire to earn money has one more level i.e. to earn money easily. Yes, we all are desiring to earn money easily. Website and some specific people are also helping us to earn money easily. But they are many discrepancy we find in such websites. If you do not want to know read more and want our advice at present then ‘Themonthlysalary is a scam site’. In our website we have Avoid Scam list in which websites like, Salarydone, Salarydaily, freshcash, jobreo, Moneymylife. Megadollars, Alphajob, Bulkteller, Dollerstrue  and many more have same theme and offers. The difference among such websites is the difference of domain name only. It means that all these websites stated are run by same group of people and they are not ethical at all.

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What is Themonthlysalary.com Is Themonthlysalary Scam or Legit Is Themonthlysalary Real or Fake Themonthlysalary Review Themonthlysalary

How does Themonthlysalary works?

Earning money online seem easy but it is not. Many people understand that but still there are people who seem it very easy and fall into the trap scam website. Themonthlysalary works to give people easy task and claim to give them dollars. They are offering $25 to every member for signing up on their website. Yes, earning money is very easy in this website. The best part is that Google the best company on the internet is also not able to pay single penny to anybody. The Themonthlysalary offer member $10 for every task they complete. The company credit their account immediately after completion of every task and member can see their increasing account. Yes, they credit account immediately, then why are we claiming that they are scam site? We are saying that company credit the account i.e. opened in their website but we did not say that are they paying its members or not. The company has one condition i.e. minimum payout limit. The minimum payout limit is the one which states that member should have a minimum amount ($300 in Themonthlysalary case) before which they cannot request for withdraw of money. After crossing the limit of minimum payout member can put a request for withdraw. The company told members that their request is in process and it will take one month time to release your payment. Then they also tell the members that if they want money soon then pay for up gradation or complete some paid surveys. Since surveys are paid the company earn revenue. If you even complete this task then also they will not pay its members. Why they not pay? It is because they never had any intention to pay anybody. They are working to earn money easily for them only. Think with a peaceful mind that why somebody in this world will pay anyone for doing absurd task and that is also in dollars. They are just cheating people and trapping them in lucrative offers. If we assume that this company is not like previous scam sites and pay to its members. If they pay then the company will collapse in few hours only. But websites like Themonthlysalary never collapse because they never had paid to anyone. It will not viable to for business entity to pay people in dollars

Information bring transparency and it leads to trust on institution. Themonthlysalary not provide its owner details or information of any personal working in this company. They also hide the information of owner in WHOIS records. It means we are not able to know the owner of this website. They are hiding the information intentionally and this is one of the basic feature of scam sites. They are hiding so that no one can catch them. They are cheating us and one day we will know the reality of such company, at that time we will not be able to catch any person behind this because we do not know who is behind this website.

The company asked people to provide them their personal and financial information. The personal information turned into big data and then company sell the information to anonymous third party. The financial information revelation increase the probability of hacker’s attack on their financial account.


The Themonthlysalary is purely a scam site. They are cheating people and also using their time and resources for their earning. They are making money themselves and not for anybody else. Do not run towards to make easy earning. In such sites people use their time and resources and got nothing. It will be wise and right to invest your precious time in someplace else where maybe money you get will not be great but it will be worthy.

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If you have doubt about Themonthlysalary then please tell us by commenting in our comment box.