What is Theweeklypaid.com? Is It Scam or Legit?

What is Theweeklypaid.com? Is It Scam or Legit?

Are you searching the web to know about the Theweeklypaid.com? You are reading the right article to clear some general doubts to arise in the mind of our readers like, is Theweeklypaid Scam? Or is Theweeklypaid Legit? Or is Theweeklypaid Real? Or is Theweeklypaid Fake? In this Theweeklypaid review, we are going to solve stated questions. In the desire to earn easily we get fall into the trap of some unscrupulous people. They lure us with some profitable claims and take advantage of our ignorance. We also work for them blindly and tirelessly without thinking that why someone paying for some idiotic task. We should think about company authenticity and their way of working before trusting them. You are reading this article then it means that you are really a smart person who thinks before investing its time and resources in any company. If you do not want to know more about the Theweeklypaid website and need our assistance immediately then ‘Theweeklypaid is purely a scam site’. There is various website listed on our ‘Avoid Scam‘ list like cashfromskyMymonthlywork, share4revenue and much more have a similar theme and offers like Theweeklypaid. The only difference they show is the difference in their domain name. It points towards that these websites like Theweeklypaid are operated by the same group of people.

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What is Theweeklypaid.com Is Theweeklypaid Scam or Legit Is Theweeklypaid Real or Fake Theweeklypaid Review, Theweeklypaid

How does Theweeklypaid works?

The company has very lucrative offers and proposal to offer for people. They are offering $10 for signing up. It is hard to earn a single penny, but this company is generous because they are offering dollars for signing up. The company purely works on referral program. Referrals are the strategy used by the website to increase their website traffic and get revenue from it. Since company offer commission for making referrals, we also believe on them that they are genuine and will pay after making referrals. The company credit the member account (opened on their website) immediately after signing up and also after making referrals. The company is offering $10 per referral click by some other person. Numbers are great and they really credit your account. We have no doubt on that but do they pay also? The company wants its member to meet-out minimum payout limit before requesting for withdraw of their money. Once you meet out the minimum payout limit then you can put a request for withdrawing. After receiving the request, the company told members that their request is in process. It will take one month time. If you want to withdraw your money soon then pay up gradation fees or complete some surveys for them. The surveys they ask to complete are paid one.  The company earns revenue for itself through it. Even after completing surveys the company does not pay to the member.

In reality, they are cheating everybody. They use member time and resources for their earning and never pay to its members. They are just claiming to pay but they had never paid to anyone. They never had any intention or purpose to provide a high amount for making referrals. Many genuine websites also offer commission on making referrals but their commission is very low and that is why genuine website sustain for long and pay its members also. Websites like Theweeklypaid, if starts paying what they are claiming then they will soon get collapse. But the amazing fact is that such website never gets collapsed because they never paid to anyone. They do not need to sustain for long.

The company does not provide any name or any kind of information about the owner, of the website. They also hide their information in WHOIS records. It implies that we are not going to know who is behind this company or who runs this company. They are hiding because they are working to make fool of us and cheat us. This is the most common feature of every scam site to hide information. Now we want to ask a question to our readers that, can you trust or believe on someone who is not able to share its information with its members, will share its revenue?

The company asks its member to share their personal information with them. On one hand they are hiding their information and on another hand want members to share their information. They turn the information into big data and then sell to third-party handsomely. They ask for financial information also to pay its member but they just want your account details so that they can theft in cyberspace. In recent past, we have seen the hackers attack people account especially the bank accounts.


Theweeklypaid is a scam site and they are not working to help anybody. They are cheating people and not going to help anyone in their pursuit to earn money online. There are a various websites available on internet that works like Theweeklypaid website but later, turned into a scam. Do not run behind earning money easily because it will end in regrets only.

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