Thredup.Com Review: Is Thredup Fake or Legit?

Thredup.Com Review: Is Thredup Fake or Legit?

At times, we are in an urge of wanting more new clothes but due to high prices of branded products we are not able to purchase them. Since fashion has become the need of today’s world, there is an upsurge of purchasing second handed products and such a business is called consignment shop. As such a website named is also like consignment shops, except it provide the second hand products at home only.

What offers? is an apparel resale market place. muse that it is an online consignment shop. It provides you an option to purchase your gently used, labeled branded products. They provide clothing for both women and children. You can put your unwanted clothes, accessories, handbags, and even footwear etc with prepaid labels. To make works first you need to request a Clean out Bag from their site. The pros of are that you have an opportunity to earn money from selling the unwanted things in your closet.

Thredup.Com Review Is Thredup.Com Fake or Legit

How does works?

Firstly you need to order a Clean Out Bag from their site and hence it will be delivered to your home. And for every bag ordered you will have to deposit $4.95, but this deposit will be returned as soon as you ship your bag back. Then, you need to fill the bag you were delivered with practically freshly laundered items, children clothing size 12 months and up, maternity clothing, and other products. Once you have filled the bag, it will be shipped to for free. And it will nearly take 2-3 weeks to reach and within 2-3 days it will be fully inspected.

Then you will get a confirmation email letting you know that product is been received. The clothes which are rejected can be donated or you can even go for another option to send them back to you for $10.99.

There are certain things kept in mind while assessing your clothing:

  • Quality
  • Age of the item
  • Style
  • Seasonality of the items
  • Get up look

Cash out procedure:

Though there are number of ways by which you can earn receive payment from Fortunately, if you have successfully sold your items, and if money is coming to your way from, then you have to wait at least 14 days as mentioned in the website itself. Thus, this delay is due to the nature of business.

After the completion of 14 days, you can cash out the money from PayPal or by using thredUp prepaid visa card. One thing which you should be kept in mind while cashing out, is that, you will be charged 2 percent fee of the cash amount if withdrawing using PayPal.


As there are many complaints all around the internet and some of them are:

  • People claim that the support centre is irresponsive and is of no use.
  • Many people are aggressive with the amount offered by the for their branded products.
  • Some people suggest that we should avoid using Clean Out Bag program as they either lose the bag or they do not provide the basic amount of the branded products.
  • There are many who are disappointed with the restocking fees because at times some orders don’t suit the needs of the customers.

Good things about

As there are mixed reviews over the web about and some of them are even good also. There are many people who love the deals offered by the website and even they are truly satisfied with the quality of the products they have received. There are lots of people who are completely pleased with the delivery.

Do I recommend?

As there are many good things about but all these things are been weighted down by the demerits of this site.  Thus, we do not recommend We suggest all our readers to use other online consignment shops if you want to earn money from selling your clothes like: ebay, OfferUp, LetGO, Buffalo Exchange, etc.