What is Thunderbit.io? Is Thunderbit Scam?

What is Thunderbit.io? Is Thunderbit Scam?

This is the right page for you if you are looking for more information about thunderbit.io. This thunderbit review seeks to have an in depth analysis of what the company is all about and whether it is a safe online investment opportunity. Before you invest any of your hard earned money on this online site it is very important to know if it is a legitimate cryptocurrency site where you can get good returns on your investments. Is thunderbit legit? Or is thunderbit scam? These are the two general questions which we seek to answer. For those who are looking for a short and simple answer, then the bottom line is that thunderbit is a Ponzi scheme. Continue reading if you are looking to find out more about their Ponzi scheme.

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How does Thunderbit work? Why we do not recommend it?

It is an online cryptocurrency website. They claim to offer Bitcoin mining services where you can only pay for the mining power you want. They offer different investment packages to their users and the return on your investment will depend on the package you choose. The packages range from 0.001BTC where your daily ROI is 10% to 100.00BTC where the daily ROI is 15.385%. The basic concept is that you deposit your Bitcoin with them where they will use it to buy wholesale power at a cheaper price and later on sell it at a profitable retail price. They claim that you only pay for the hashing power and they will cover the overheads. It is this profit which they claim they share with their members.

Thunderbit is a Ponzi scheme where they use the money they get from their new users to pay their existing users. It is easy to expose the Ponzi scheme because it is extremely hard or rather impossible for any company to guarantee their shareholders a steady and daily profit of 15%. Their interest rate is on a daily basis and they guarantee this high rate forever. The company is registered in England as a private limited company. Their certificate of incorporation bears the company number 10904003. However, if you carry out a further research you will find out that details about the owner is not provided. The basic premise of the Ponzi scheme is that they will use the money you used to register with them to pay their existing users. The cycle continues when they pay you using the next persons initial investment. This cycle works perfectly as long as the number of new members is more than the existing users. Thus to say when the day comes when the number of existing users supersedes the number of new users, is the day when the cookie crumbles.

This is the reason why the company is extremely focused on gaining new users on a daily basis. They have a 10% bonus for every new user when they make their first investment. This kind of offer is only a ploy to attract more users. The company’s doom is inevitable with such a high pay out to its users. The other strategy which they use to gain new users is the referral program which they offer. The moment you register with them you are given a referral link to promote. When a new user uses your referral link to register with the company, you are instantly awarded with a 10% of their initial investment as a bonus. This is just another ploy to gather more new users to their site. This kind of Ponzi scheme will normally pay its members at first. That is why it is not impossible to find a review where a member claims he was actually paid by the company. However, this is just a ruse which they maintain until the day they are unable to pay out their existing users. The daily withdrawals is also a way to encourage naive users to invest more Bitcoin on their next investment. It is easy to invest more once you prove that the payout is real on your first investment.

Unfortunately, the more you invest with them the more you will stand to lose when the time comes for the company to close shop and run. Don’t bother investing your Bitcoins on this site and remember to advise your friends to also stay away from this website.


As we said before, Thunderbit.io is a ponzi scheme which will be collapse very soon. So, We recommend you to stay away from this site. If you are looking for good companies to make money online then you can find list of those companies by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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if you have any question about Thunderbit or want to ask about any other companies, then please feel free to ask by dropping your comment below. We are happy to help you.