What is Thupsoc.com? Is Thupsoc Scam or Legit?

What is Thupsoc.com? Is Thupsoc Scam or Legit?

If you are seeking to know more about the Thupsoc.com, this is the right place to understand how Thupsoc works. There are many scam sites working on the same pattern and theme as the Thupsoc. There were no major differences amongst them. Some basic question came into the mind, Is Thupsoc Legit? Or Is Thupsoc Scam? There were other questions asked by readers like Is Thupsoc Real? Or Is Thupsoc Fake? Without going into detail if you need to know that Thupsoc is a scam site or not, then yes it is a 100% scam site. There were many similar scam sites in recent past get shut off by the competent authorities. They have only one aim that is to earn money by cheating the people. Sites like scoupnews, mainofnews, majornews and many more have similar kind of offers. Hitofnews and Thupsoc both have same theme also. This shows that may be these sites are organized and created by one group of people.

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How Thupsoc works? Why it is a Scam?

One of the most common features anyone will observe in scam sites is that they hide the information of their owner. Owner information is nowhere available in the site even after the registration there is no detail of any personnel. They hide the information intentionally so that when they shut their site and ran away with the public money no one will be responsible.

These sites generally asked for an email id only for the registration and they are not even bothering to get confirmation of the same. They just need your information so that they can sell the information to the third party. Later on they also asked users to give their financial details and once they gave it they become the easiest target for hackers. Many people had victim of such scam sites because they gave their financial details.

Now, let’s talk about what they are offering as an online job. Once you register on their site they give 30 articles per day to read and it does not matter you read it or not. You have to just confirm from yourself that, ‘yes’ you have read the article and once you confirm $4 will be shown in your account. They also provide some statistics that by completing their task of reading one can earn $120 a day and $840 a week.

They also provide an affiliate program on their site. Users have to share their link on different platform and they will give the user $170 for every involved partner. And also the company will give the main user 15% from partners every day earnings. Understood a simple point here, through referral they generate traffic for their site trough which they get ads from Google and sell the advertisement space on their site. Anyone can see the ads on their site.

People after earning the money want to get it. Company has a condition of minimum payout of $2400 it means that before withdrawing any money from the site user must have some minimum balance. Many users also meet this condition but what company do, they say that their request of withdrawing is in process and it will take one month to proceed. If user want urgently withdraw their amount then they have to pay for upgrade. Even if you pay then also they did not pay. In short, no matter how many conditions you meet out they are not going to give you the money.


This site is not good. This is purely a scam site and we suggest you to avoid this site in the beginning. Earning the money in easy way can happen only in dreams, in reality we have to do some amount of work. Do not get fall in their trap because they will use all your resources and left you with regret only.

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If you have any more doubts about the Thupsoc the fell free to ask by dropping a comment in the comment box. We will be pleased to help you.