What is Timehash.biz? Is Timehash Scam?

What is Timehash.biz? Is Timehash Scam?

Are you looking to know about Timehash.biz? You are reading the right article to get knowledge about Timehash. In this Timehash review, we will answer all the questions that might be troubling you. The questions like, is Timehash Scam? Or is Timehash Legit? Or is Timehash Fake? Or is Timehash Real? We will try to solve stated questions in detail later in our review. If you are not interested in reading the whole article, then we can answer you in brief. The Timehas is ‘Not Recommended’ by us. It is not a good company and also not credible to work as an Investment Company. It is working on the Ponzi scheme. This is banned in many countries and declared as an illegal scheme around the world. Under this scheme, the company pays to its old members from the money invested by the new members. Since the company does not have any source of revenue other than investment. They accumulate huge debt over them. After sometime when the company received sufficient amount of money then they will be going to run away with all the money.

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What is Timehash.biz Is Timehash Scam or Legit Is Timehash Real or Fake Timehash Review, Timehash

How does Timehash work?

The working of the Timehash website is basically about the investment. They are offering you a platform to invest your money with them and see your money increasing every day. They way they are marketing are very simple, they want you to invest your static Bitcoins with them and take a back seat. Your earning will be on the hourly basis. The Investment plans of this website are really very lucrative and profitable from the investor’s point of view. The company is offering different plans on their website. The topmost plan of Timehash is “1.25% hourly (around 30% daily) interest for a lifetime”. This is one of the most unsustainable business plans. It is because, in reality, 30% daily interest is not possible. The company claims are bogus. It means their working is not legitimate. The company has failed to provide the ways they are making a profit. We can understand they cannot reveal their blueprints but we are demanding that a quantum of legit information is required.

There are very high chances that this company pays initially to its members. It is because this is how Ponzi scheme works.

The company does not provide any information about their CEO or owner of the company on their official website. They have just mentioned that they have a team of professionals but they did not mention any name of their professionals. It means you are not going to know to whom you are handing your hard earned money. The information is must without knowing about any real person behind the website means you are throwing your money in garbage. It is because from there also you will not receive your money back.

We tried to find out about the owner from another source. But the company has guarded their information in WHOIS records. It is one of the basic features of scam websites. The information brings transparency which results in trust. Trust increases the credibility of the company. It means the credibility of the Timehash website is zero or may be negative.

The company does have an affiliate program on their website. To work as an affiliate you do not need to invest. You have to just promote the link and earn a commission. The company is offering 2 levels of an affiliate program. First one is offering 5% commission and the second commission is 1%. The company does not have any real product or services to sell. It means they are going to pay the commission also from the investment made by the members. It is the same way in which they are paying the interest. This makes them be working on another illegal scheme i.e. hybrid pyramid scheme. This makes the company non-reliable.

To show itself as a legitimate company, the Timehash website has provided their registration certificate. The registration certificate is from the UK Companies House. The company is registered under the company name: TIMEHASH LTD and the company number: 11155969. It is not genuine or solid proof to declare any company to be a legit company. It is because the most of the companies not recommended by us also got this certificate. To get this certificate is very easy you can get it by paying just 20GBP. Many Companies listed in our Not Recommended section turned into a scam website after some time. Therefore, we do not recommend you to invest in this website by considering this certificate as a proof of this company legitimacy.


The Timehash website is Not Recommended by us. It is due to the reasons already explained in the above paragraphs. Do not run behind the easy ways to earn money. It always ends with regrets. There is no alternate of hard work. Yes, smart work can work as a catalyst but still, you need to do the hard work to understand the smart work also.

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If you have got any kind of doubt regarding the Timehash website, you can share it with us by commenting in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.