review: Is it a Legit Survey Site? review: Is it a Legit Survey Site?

There is a haul of scam websites all over the web. These sites are invented in order to trap the emotions of innocent customers. Obviously these sites use flowery words and boast a lot about their promises and claims. Previously I came across a survey site which is known as Firstly, I would love to congratulate you all for making an effort to research so that you do not get trapped by the scammers. But I would like to inform you that is not a scam site. It is 100% legit but due to various reasons we do not recommend it.

What is review Is it a Legit Survey Site was founded in 2000 and is one of the popular survey sites. Toluna is market research Company that allows people to answer surveys about various products and services and even pays you for writing contents by you. The main motive of Toluna is to connect companies and brands to their customers by providing them automatic research and real time feedback from the previous buyers of that product. The website exaggerates that there are nearly 9 million users in 57 different countries. The website also claims that it has partnered with many media agencies, many leading market agencies. The Toluna promises you that your participation has worthy place in the company and users will be awarded points for their views.

How can you get started with

Toluna is a survey site where you are paid for providing your opinions. is paid by various marketing companies and brands to obtain the feedback or the data from the actual customers. Many companies like retail companies, market research companies, and service oriented companies pay for doing research for them. You can do surveys either on the website or on the app that can be downloaded on both IOS and Android.

When you get yourself registered, the website will ask you for your personal details like name, email address, employment status, gender, etc so that they can better match you with the available surveys projects. The company promises that they will keep your details safe and will not share it with the scammers and telemarketers.

Getting yourself registered is an easy task and will take nearly a minute to do that. Firstly, you need to sign up with by entering your name, email address, and you will also require answering 9-subject surveys questions in order to complete your profile. Once you are done with all this, you need to confirm your registration.

Various approaches of earning money with

  • Surveys = Toluna sends you an invitation of a survey via email which perfectly suits your demographic profile. The surveys are the staff of life for earning money on this site. Though there are different ways of earning money provided by Toluna but surveys are non – resistible. Most of the time the length of the survey will vary between 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on the length, surveys fetch you between 20 to 15000 points. The company even mentions that in order to get qualified you need to answer few questions and sometimes even more. And if by any chance you do not qualify for a survey your views will not be concluded with the final findings and therefore they will not be transferred to the client.
  • Topics = If you wish to start a discussion, create a topic so that you can open discussion with other members. It’s really easy and simple. You just need to wait for the responses of the consumers.
  • Polls = Firstly, you need create a poll in order to ask questions with multiple pre- formed answers from which other members can make one or several selections. As members they start answering the polls, the statistics and info graphic will update in lesser time. Each poll fetch you 15 points. This is the quick way to get the pressing questions answered.
  • Referrals = Fortunately, Toluna do provide a referral program. Once you complete your registration you will be provided with your personalized referral link. To invite a friend to Toluna you can copy and paste it on any platform of your wish. The link can be founded in three places:

1) In the upper right section of the main page of

2)  It can even be founded in the right side in the survey section.

3) You can also find in the “Invite a friend” tab in your Account page.

Each time you invite a friend and your friend gets himself registered with using your referral link, your account will be credited with 500 points. One thing to be kept in mind is that you can earn points for the maximum of 10 friends per month.

  • Battles = A battle feature allows you to post two images or pictures side – by- side which enables a company to chose which one the consumers prefer more.
  • Designing content = By creating contents yourself you will awarded 1000 points for each piece of article. The pays more attention on the quality of the article rather than the quantity of the article.
  • Community Actions = The contest launched by can also fetch you points and rewards. You can even create your own contests and can take the help of Toluna team and for this you will also earn 5000 bonus points for your initiative. payment system:

There is no maximum limit to which you can earn money using this site. You will start accumulating points when you get you email address verified. After that you will receive invitees for a survey via email, filling out your profile surveys, referring your friends, through polls, creating contents, etc.

Noticeably, your points which are credited to your account will be valid for 16 months. After that if you do not put these points in use they will get expired. So it’s advisable that you should not wait till the last moment.

You will need to have minimum of 30000 points in your account in order for you to withdraw it. Different payment methods require different points. You can redeem points in form sweepstake tickets, gift cards from different stores including Jiffy Lube, Starbucks, etc, or even cash.  Electronic vouchers will be sent directly to your Toluna account or may be some cases it will be send to the email address that you have mentioned at the time of registration. On the other hand, Bank transfer and PayPal will be sent directly to your account.

What I like about

  • The company provides various opportunities to withdraw in exchange of points you earned doing surveys, polls, and many more. They even provide Gift cards from millions of popular stores like ITunes, Amazon, Redbox, etc. You can even opt for cash.
  • The company also provides various different ways to earn so that members can reach the threshold in a way sooner. And one of the additional ways to earn some extra money is by doing polls. Polls are the simple and easy questions with multiple choice answers that will just cost you few seconds to complete. You will get 15 points \for doing a single poll.
  • The best thing I liked about this company is that there are no negative reviews about people not getting paid by Toluna. Thus, the company focuses its major attention on the customer service team so that all the complaints of the customers are dealt properly.

Toluna Surveys real face:

  • Most of the people complained that the surveys are quite long and breath taking but the amount they assures is low. By doing all possible efforts like by getting referrals, doing surveys, polls, creating contents, etc then also you won’t be able to reach the minimum threshold. It will take hard long time for you to withdraw the points. Thus, to most of people including me this site is not much appealing.
  • As this disqualification issue is not normally rare with the survey sites. All the survey sites consume your time and then shatter your hopes by saying that you are not eligible for this survey. And the same case is with who disqualifies you at the middle of the survey. After investing 15 to 20 minutes it is really frustrating to know that you do not qualify for the survey when you already have spend your hand losing time.
  • The company makes you wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks in order to receive your rewards from Toluna. If you are of peevish nature than this is not your place.

Is a scam or legitimate?

After evaluating and examining all the points I conclude that is absolutely a legit site. This is a survey site which allows you to earn money by answering surveys and even by creating one (you are paid for your efforts that you have devoted).

Do we recommend?

Keeping in mind your requirements we consider not recommending As the income potential of the surveys are very low and it’s nearly impossible to reach the minimum threshold. And you will be disqualified in the midway after you invest your so precious time.

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If you have any queries and doubts then please feel free to comment us in “Comment Section”. We would be pleased to help you.