What is Tomoting.com? Tomoting.com Review

What is Tomoting.com? Tomoting.com Review

Are you searching for Tomoting.com, and then your search ends here. In this Tomoting Review we are going to give details and talk about its working. Earning online money is the new desire or one can say the trending passion of people. Many websites are also offering good money for doing simple task. People also believe in them make their account and complete the task and regret. Why they regret, because these websites are not legit, they never pay. Now some question may arise like, is Tomoting Scam? Or is Tomoting Legit? Or is Tomoting Real? Or is Tomoting Fake? On our website onlineincomeresources.com we have scam sites list, some of them like Salarydaily, Salarydone, Freshcash (only logo and right side image is different) and moneymylife have same theme and offers. If you do not want to read full article then ‘yes Tomoting’ is a scam site and they are no good to anyone.

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What is Tomoting.com? Tomoting.com Review

How does Tomoting works?

The company is very great because it is offering $25 as a sign up bonus. Yes, I am writing absolutely right. If you register on their site then immediately you will see $25 credit in your account. By account we do not mean your bank account. The account created in Tomoting will be credited with $25. When user completes the task they will get $10 for every task completed by them. The money will be credit again in the account opened on their site. This chain will continue until you want to withdraw your money.

When someone request to withdraw money, the company show one condition i.e. minimum payout. The minimum payout is the minimum amount must be available in user account. In this website the minimum payout limit is $300. If user have $300 in their account and request for withdraw company say that their request is in progress. The process took more than one month and even after it also they did not pay. After it user ask urgently to withdraw the money the company ask them to pay to upgrade the process or complete some paid surveys for them. If you complete the paid survey even after that also they are not going to pay, because they have no intention to pay.

Tomoting ask people to give their personal detail and when they accumulate big data they sell this data to third party. They also ask user to share their financial details so that they can pay them. But they just want to get your financial detail and take advantage of it also. Do not share your financial details because that will increase the probability of hacker attack. They also give $10 for every referrals made by users. Through referrals website traffic increases and they gain from it. In reward website give commission to users. Genuine sites pay commission in interest and that is also very low. But Jbreo is paying $10 which implies that their claims are bogus.

Tomoting also claim that the tasks are very simple which can complete in 30 seconds. For completing the task they will give $10. Is this not seen to you totally rubbish. For instance let believe that they will pay. Then for how long this company will sustain. They did not provide any owner information on their site and we do not know the benevolent person who is running such a great website. No one can find them because they also hided their information in WHOIS record.


Tomoting is not a legit website , Do not waste your time in this website. They are not going to pay anyone. The complaint of not paying money can be seen in any forums. We should use our wisdom that no one will pay in dollars for completing absurd task. The high paying offers are just attract people and use them. Do not fall on their trap, just avoid these sites.

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If you any doubt about Tomoting feel free to ask by commenting in our comment box. We will be pleased to help you.