What is Total AV Antivirus? Is that a good Antivirus?

If you are searching the web to know about Totalav.com then you have arrived at the right place. In this Totalav Antivirus review, we will answer some questions like, is Totalav Antivirus Scam? Or is Totalav Legit? Or is Totalav Fake? Or is Totalav Antivirus Real?we will answer all of your queries in this article. We try to solve every question that is stated above. Totalav is a antivirus software company. Our regular reader must be wondering why we are writing article on this website. It is not our expertise. But this website is not good and our research team has found some disturbing points about this website that we are bound to share it with you. It is also one of our moral responsibility that to beware of other legit or non-legit websites working on the internet. Totalav is not a perfect website. There are some good points about this website is that Totalav’s price is much lower than then its contemporary. Their antivirus programs and other features are much affordable as compare to other websites.

If you are not interested to read the full article, then we can provide you the crux of this website. It is “Not Recommended” by us. There lower price rates are good but the company software does not work properly. The other main points we are going to be discus in our article later on. But we just want you to aware first that you can download other genuine antivirus

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What is Totalav.com Is Totalav Antivirus Scam or Legit Is Totalav Antivirus Real or Fake Totalav Antivirus Review, Totalav Antivirus

How does Totalav Antivirus work?

As we have already mentioned that Totalav is nothing but an Anti-virus Software. Its features include system clean-up, password management and even a start-up manager and so on. The features it provides in the price that it offers is very low and affordable. They are more attractive than any other company.

The working of this software is similar to other antivirus software, but there is something we want to mark out. First of all you have to download this software on your computer. After installing this software it will scam your computer or mobile devices for any viruses, trojans, spyware and malware. After scan is completed, it will recommend you that to upgrade your software. According to them the up-gradation of the product will remove all the viruses it has or will found. We have used it in our computer, after uninstalling this software and replacing it with other legit antivirus software. We did not receive any warning of viruses. It means the Totalav is warning you without finding any virus in reality. They just want you to upgrade their product as soon as you install this software. Or it may also point that the Totalav antivirus software is catching those viruses that software’s are not able to do so.

But we are not saying that Totalav is bad software. It is because it is owned by Protected.net which is one of the approved recommendations of the Microsoft. This shows their integration with Windows notifications and windows defender. Therefore, we are not sure that is the bad website but its working to give an unnecessary warning and forcing members every time to upgrade the software is not the way a genuine company should work.

There is an affiliate program on this website. Affiliate programs are used by the companies to increase their traffic and members and they pay commission to its members. The company can pay the commission it is because the company is selling the real product. Actually, it is not much if you are considering it as a way to earn money on the internet. There are many other ways to earn online income on different websites. As we have already mentioned about those websites above in this article.

During our research, we found some complaints against the Totalav software. The customers have complained about the charging on their credit card balance without their consent. It is a very serious allegation. Some customers have reported that Totalav charges extra fees. It is hard to verify these complaints are true or not. But it if such is the matter the company should resolve them as soon as possible.

The company legitimacy always been proved by the transparency it provide in its working. If the Totalav is a genuine company then it should not guard its WHOIS records. But unfortunately it has guarded its information in WHOIS records. Guarding the information is the feature of scam website. Therefore, it makes an impression that company working is not transparent and owner of this website is not right person.


We do Not Recommended Totalav Antivirus website. Its working is not genuine. But there is no serious issue we find on this website. That is why we did not declare it a scam website. At the end, we advise you to avoid this website. There are other legit companies already working on the internet, you can use them for antivirus purpose. The allegations and problems we found in our research, we tried to share it with you.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Totalav website, please mention it in our comment section. We will try to solve it and help you.

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