Review: Is a legit Online website? Review: Is a legit Online website? is a complete fraudulent e-commerce website. It is actually an online shopping store who claims to sell clothes of different brands at high unbelievable discounts. They are providing huge discounts on each and every product. This seems to be a bit fishy as it is not possible for a new website to come up with so much.

We are here to give you a complete detailed note on Totohoker review.

According to estudy and research, it has been found that anyone who might have tried to shop from had the chances of losing their personal information such as credit card number and others.

The Totohoker scam is now known to almost everyone and we are writing this to let people know more about this website and its fraudulent activities. One should be careful and stay away from this website. There is always a risk of these websites being spread in the market as cybercriminals are often behind the creation of these websites. Review: Is a legit Online website?

It has been found that Totohoker never delivers its products on time. In fact, the quality of the materials being sold by them is really very very poor. has been involved in stealing credit card information of those who tried to purchase from the website. A good amount has been deducted from their bank accounts without any prior consent or permission. There are a number of other online websites which are similar to and we should never purchase any kind of material from here. Always, one should try avoiding any kind of purchase from these websites.

We can confirm that this website is fraud because they are hiding the details of their owner. There is no option available to get in touch with the website for any discussion or query. They also do not have any customer care number where one can reach for confirmation or complaints.

It is always advisable to purchase from only trusted, well-known brands who maintain complete transparency while dealing with users.

If you already have added your card to the website then please remove it as soon as possible. In case you are already a victim of Totohoker then contact your bank and take some immediate steps.

Some other information:

Though Totohoker Seems to be based in Canada but we found thatthere are other countries involved as well and it should be better to review before making a purchase. Being a very new website it does not have much of an online reputation. It is not possible to identify the site owner as it is using some anonymous names. This is often done to prevent spamming. But, there are other websites as well who uses this method to hide their identity. By
providing a complete analysis of the website it helps to gain the trust of many visitors. People would get to know the risks involved and might be saved from fraud case.

Now we think, Above reasons are enough to declared Totohoker a scam website, So we advised you to say away from this website and not to purchase any product from Totohoker.

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