Warning – TP Kids Toys is a Fraudulent Online Store

Hello readers, we are writing an article on and we assume you are also looking for it. In this Tpkidstoys Review, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like, is Tpkidstoys Scam? Or is Tpkidstoys Fake?

We all do online shopping and we know how major e-commerce company works. But on the internet, there are many sites working who are scamming people. They built their site similar to e-commerce site but lack in almost everything for a simple reason i.e. they want to loot you.

If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can help you with that. We do not recommend Tpkidstoys site as it is a purely scam site. We can say that because we reviewed similar sites on daily basis.

If you want to see other scam sites that we have reviewed and want to learn their modus operandi then you can see our list of Avoid Scam, here: Warning - TP Kids Toys is a Fraudulent Online Store!

What is Tp Kids Toys? Why we do not recommend it?

As we have already mentioned that Tpkidstoys is a scam site and we do not recommend it. But they claim themselves an e-commerce site where you can find different toys for children. In reality, they are just working to scam others.

The information of the owner of this site or company is not known. It is not done by mistake because the genuine sites with pride show their owner information to build trust. But Tpkidstoys lack of transparency which points towards it is not a genuine site. Also, they have hidden their identity and information in WHOIS records which is the most common feature of the scam sites.

Many people have a complaint about not receiving their order. Many people have waited for even 30 days they did not receive their order. It is simply because they are not a genuine site but to some people, they do deliver the product. But those products are of low quality. Products received were not the one that shown on the site. Many people have a complaint regarding this also. The product they receive is unworthy of the cost they have paid for it.

Many people have also a complaint that some money is debited from their card automatically without their knowledge to this site. Actually, while placing an order you provide your financial information to them and now they use at their discretion. Actually, such people auto-debit the money after 3-4 months so that you will not suspect. If you have provided your financial information to any such site then please immediately contact your bank or company to save your money.

They use people information to turn them into big data. As we know in present times information is the new currency. Many people want to buy big data for their own purposes. So such sites sell them their data for a handsome price. The party to whom they sell the information is anonymous to them also. It means your information can be used in anyway and anywhere without your consent.


We do not recommend this site and as it is a Scam site. Keep a distance from this site. They are not good for anybody. Be wise with your decision and do not waste our time and resources on this site. Do not fall prey to such site and also aware people about the modus operandi of this site in your social circle. Beware of this site and never indulge with such site.


If you have any doubt regarding Tpkidstoys then please share it with us. You can write it in our comment section we will be happy to help you out.

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