What is transcom.com? Is transcom.com Scam or Real?

What is transcom.com? Is transcom.com Scam or Real?

Almost all the hours people are found using their cell phones. While there are lot of opportunities available over the internet where you can earn handsome amount of money as your extra income. Most of them there are more online jobs for filling surveys, completing different tasks, playing games. But in this case there is a company which will pay you for real time work. Transcom.com is a company which provide real time work from home.

If you are searching about transcom.com then certainly you have landed on the right place. In this article we will conclude whether transcom.com is legit or scam?

 Is transcom.com Scam or Real?

What is transcom.com?

Transcom.com is a company which provides people a real time home from work. It provides jobs for call center agent and your task you will be asked to do depends on the position you apply for. Transcom.com provides various companies call center service. The task people do are different from one another like sales, marketing, technical support, etc.

This means that you don’t have to be physically present their, you can work from home. You can apply and work from home itself. Therefore the company also provides the option to be a full-time worker or a part-time worker. If you wish to work as a full-time worker than you will be liable for the perks and the benefits. In other case if you are working as a part-time employee then you will receive a bit less salary.

The company has its working more than 2 decades and even it is serving near by 300 companies in over 20 countries. Transcom.com is 100% legit site as it has more than 30,000 people working as an agent. Definitely there are some issues which the company need to solve in its functioning.

How transcon.com works?

To be a member of transcom.com community, you just need to enter the website and fill out some detailed questions. After questionnaire you have to go through an employment test which will take 30-40 minutes succeeding you need to answer a brief phone interview. As we have learner before that transcom.com provides jobs to the call center agent therefore you can in-house agent if they have offices in your residing country. They even fill positions for technical support, customers service, etc.

Requirements for certain positions you need a diploma or GED. You should be able to tackle problems with wit and intelligence. Your pay and benefits you will receive will depend on the position you acquire. It is views that full-time worker earn near about $11 per hour while part-timers earn $10 per hour. If by any chance you are presently working as a part-time employee then there is nothing to worry because after 6 months you will be promoted as a full-time with increased income and additional benefits. The company claims some of the benefits like medical, 401k, job security, and other options which an individual will experience.

Transcom.com is made for whom?

Transcom.com is basically developed and designed for two groups. On being the companies and businesses who are in need of call centre agents for their work while others are people like us who are looking for jobs from home.

For businesses the Transcom.com outsource many service including sales, customer support, marketing manager, technical support,etc. In case of people the company provides various job opportunities to normal and common people in the remote areas. As the transcom.com has a wide range it even provide facilities to various companies in different part of world. Hence people can become a member from home or either joining their in-office. Only the residents of North America have the availability to work from home.

Complaints about transcom.com:

The more of the people are so happy with the service provided by transcom.com. Everyone is appreciating customer response and the friendliness of the staff when they are over phone. A lot of people are happy about the opportunity transcom.com is proving them about helping common people to work from home.

But as we good things come with bad ones. Therefore same is the case with transcom.com. Many people are frsutated by the short frquencey of breaks. And by chance they incur with a break then the duration is short due to the continuous breakdown of calls.

Other than this their are certain companies dedicated extremely with their work panels. Therefore they are against the idea of break even at necessary times. And a day off without work can cause a problem because companies does not allow so many days off. Even some people are not satisfied with the obey they receive for the work they do. As the work is demanding very much hardwork therefore people want transcom.com to increase their compensation.

What is good about transcom.com?

First and foremost the company allow people to work from their home according to their convenience. They can either opt for full-time or part-time. Another thing is that company offers job in real which makes people’s trust more strong and they become more confident about the company. The process of applying and working is easy and simple. No longer and legal procedures are followed to become a member of transcom.com.


Yes definitely transcom.com is worth working with provided that you should be a part of resident of Canada or US. While the has known in the BPO therefore we could imagine that the work provided by transcom.com is legit and trustworthy. It’s just that you have to connect with the heavy work load by the companies demanding excellent and troubleshooting work. Therefore to work through transcom.com you precisely need to follow a proper work schedule with less holidays.

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