Onaward.store Review: Onaward.store is not a Legit Site! 

With the exponential growth of the internet and its limited regulations, the number of online scammers is increasing at an alarming rate. At this website, expose these fraudulent sites to ensure that you don’t fall into the well-set traps.

To those who don’t look deep enough, Onaward.store looks like a legitimate online shopping website with some of the best deals on high quality products. This is so until you decide to purchase their products and the results will be you receiving fake products, an empty box or even nothing at all.

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We dug deep into the site and here are the reasons why Onaward.store is just but a big scam:

1) Hidden information:

To start with, the company does not provide their real address. They have given a virtual address-Research Ct Rockville, Maryland, USA- which is very common with scam sites which do not want to be tracked down. They have hidden additional information about the company such as the founder(s) of the company.

Onaward.store Review: Onaward.store is not a Legit Site! 

2) Fake Logos:

Trust seal logos are not clickable, or they redirect you to Onaward.store home page: When you visit an online shopping website and click on trust seal logos, they usually redirect you to the official sites of the trust seal providers to verify products. On Onaward.stores, any trust seal logos on their page sends you back to their homepage or is just not clickable. These are signs that the trust seal logos are fake and are there to bait clients into their scam.

3) Huge unbelievable discounts:

Considering it’s a new site, the offers they are giving on some expensive products do not make sense. For example, a 90% discount on the original Nike Airforce 1 is just impossible. There is no way a new website can afford to compensate for such discounts. Even legitimate online sites don’t offer such discounts to their clients. They can only be selling fake products, or don’t deliver any goods.

 4) Contact information:

According to the site, you can contact Onaward.stores via email or phone number but when you search for their contact information, you come out empty. Legit websites provide a way for their clients to contact them in case of any inquiries on their orders or information about particular products offered on the site. Scam sites tend to give fake or no contact information as in Onaward.stores case.

5) No credit card security:

Although, in Onaward.stores scam, a credit card payment option has been provided, they don’t have the required security measures to secure your credit card information. This means that any credit card information you provide on this site is prone to theft.

If you have already provided your credit card information to this site, you should remove it and notify your bank to avoid any deductions by Onaward.stores without your authorization.

Onaward.stores is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fraudulent websites. All the reasons given in the Onaward.stores review above are the most common for scam websites, and you should always be on the lookout to avoid such sites.

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