Trunow App Review: Is Trunow App Scam or Legit?

 Trunow App Review: Is Trunow App Scam or Legit?

These days the price of the gas is hiking, as it’s the basic need of every household. Thus such expenses cannot be ignored and melancholy gas is not one of the options which can bring up rewards or rebate in any case. Or is it? Luckily by using an app named Trunow you can find an option to save your money.

 What is Trunow?

Trunow is an application for IOS and android mobile phones, which provides you cash back and rewards when you purchase gas from gas station. It even helps you to find the cheapest gas station nearby you , by comparing prices of various gas stations. As it is a really helpful application. It won’t make you rich, but the extra money can be saved for some expenses. And if the extra money is not enough, interestingly Trunow even pays you to purchase at gas stations convenience stores by offering you cash backs, rebates etc on some special products and transferring you some rewards straight away in your account.

Trunow App Review Is Trunow App Scam or Legit

 How does Trunow works?

  • Firstly all you need is to download the application. The application can be used in both IOS and android mobile phones. It’s free to use .After completing the download you will have to register your mobile number and verify it using a code which will be sent you through a text. You will earn $2 as a joining amount.
  • After joining, you have to turn on your GPS to help “Trunow application” to access to your location and provide you the information related to the nearby gas stations with best deals at that time.
  • The Trunow application will pay you cash back in almost every possible gas station. There are some gas stations which are partnered with Trunow application which provide you more cash back. If the gas station is partnered then 2% cash back is guaranteed, otherwise if you decide to choose some other gas station then you would earn only 1%.

No matter what gas station you choose, the procedure is same. You just need to purchase the gas and upload the picture of the receipt inside the application, by doing this you will earn 1%- 2% cash back.

  • Interestingly, the application Trunow does not only provide you cash back on the purchase of gas, but also on the purchase of some special items like coffee, ice creams etc at the gas station convenient stores. Just like to grab the cash back on the purchase of gas , in the similar way to get the cash back, rewards on these items you need to upload a picture of the receipt inside the application.

Making more by using Trunow:

Trunow even helps you to redeem the rewards accumulated to get a free gas or you can even redeem through PayPal.

To use your rewards for free gas, you will need to go to your wallet at first and then click “Pick Retailer”. After that you need to choose a gas station where you want to redeem these rewards from a list of partnered stations.

You can even go for another option which provides you instant rewards through PayPal but here is again a catch in this. The rewards or the cash back will be redeemed by using PayPal but at a half price. If you have earned $20, then you will only get $10 of them. Once you start getting cash back by uploading gas receipts, you would be feeling to share it with your friends and family members. Fortunately, Trunow has a referral option that gives your friend $2 as joining amount and $2 to you as a commission once they upload their first gas receipt.

If you are constantly using this app , as gas is major and basic expense which cannot be ignored , then you would probably earn $15 – $20 a month.


  • Battery drainage = It’s one of the biggest problem being faced by the recent users of Trunow application. Even some people have experienced getting notifications saying that Trunow is consuming a lot of battery. This very application exhausts phone drainage and you will need to force stop it.
  • Less participating gas stations at some locations = Unfortunately, if you are living in a rural area then the chances of finding a partnered gas station is less and in this case you will not get the full cash back of $2 on your purchased receipt. And in this case you won’t be able to redeem your rewards for gas at any stations and have to opt using PayPal which will cut your rewards into half.

For this very reason, Trunow does not seem to be worthy; in case if you are not resided in a big city with many partnered gas stations.

  • Slow approval of receipts = Till now Trunow is working very amazingly. But some complaints which seem very common are that it takes a lot of time in accepting the receipts. Usually it takes nearly 48 hours and it can predicted that as this application is new the working team might be small and thus it takes a bit more time in approving receipts.
  • Registration only through phone number = Another issue which is noticed is that Trunow application only accepts phone number for the registration and not emails. Therefore the application should also provide other options for registration for an easy access. Though the application states in its Privacy Policy that the personal information is not subjected for trade and sale purposes.

Is Trunow a legitimate application for making money or a Scam?

In the final comments , Trunow is not a scam app. It’s far from being perfect but with the pace of time it will definitely gain recognition and popularity like other apps. There are many people who have personally used this application and have got their cash backs and rewards on time but the downside in this application is that it requires a person in to be at a suburbs and cities where there can be a lot of partnered stations resides nearby.