Trymyui Review – Is Trymyui a Scam?

If you are found all time over the internet and love spending your much time in front of it, then we have a really great deal for all of our present and potential readers. We have been confronted with an amazing website which is best known for usability testing knwon as trymyui.com. It is provides user friendly experience.

At an instance, your work will be to review a website and provide your valuable feedabck about the benefits laid by the company of the website. It’s very easy task to do and it’s worth the money it pays. If you are not pretty much familiar with usability testing, so in this article we will discuss all the major points about trymyui.com that you need to know. We all also discuss whether trymyui.com is legit or an another scam site to lure the innocent people.

Trymyui Review - Is Trymyui a Scam?

What is trymyui.com?

Trymyui.com is a way which becomes a source of interaction between the company and the potential users. Trymyui.com is a usability testing area where the companies find feedback about their websites and application from the testers or users.

The videos of the users with natural audio are recorded and captured from the user’s computers.

The companies therefore recognise the flaws and imperfections from users feedback. By using such precious comments the company can improve their websites or applications. Foundation of trymyui.com was done by Sani ElFishawy and Farhad Farzaneh in 2010.

How to become one of the tester?

You must be atleast 16 years of age to become one of the tester for trymyui.com. First and foremost procedure is to create an account. Then you will be supposed to fill a form containing demographic questions which are pretty simple than the survey sites. The deatils you mention in the demographic questionnaire will be used to match you with certain usability tests. For example if a company wants to check the details about dating application then it will first ask you whether you are single or committed. As for now, the singles will provide much more honest answers than those who are stucked somewhere.

In the next step you have to take a sample test to check whether you can perform well or not. You are required to record you video withstanding the response of your written test. For the test you need to download an application form which will hence record your screen along with audio and video.

As there are no right and wrong answers, you can answer them honesty. Whether you get selected or not they will definitely return back with a response. If task contains some instructions then read them carefully. Especially when you get started with the video you will be shown 1 minute video will which glimpse what the company expects from us. In any case if you get selected then you will receive an email to explore the other opportunities website is offering you. For you to earn decent money you should be active at majority of time because the company follows one morale “first comes first served basis”.

You may expect to receive an average of one or two tests per week. The moment you open the link provided in the mail you will find all the realted documents. You will find out ok what you have to work either website or an app and what are tasks that will likely follow in your path. There are many people out there who are not pretty much familiar with usability testing or are introvert. In usability testing you need to review and analysis the website or an application developed by the client. For example the client company may ask you to investigate a specific page of the website, some may ask you to add ceratin things in your cart, while others may refer to know the drawbacks,etc.

Basically the client company wants to know the honest feedback which will include which feature you liked most about the website or an app, what were the flaws and what improments does the website or an app requires. Once you complete your review gets competed all you have to do is to submit it and wait for its approval. Once your feedback gets approved you will be paid

How much you are paid?

In usability testing you have to submit honest feedabck about a website or an application of a client company. You have to write the summary as if you were the real customer. You will be given few minutes or say pratically some seconds to investigate and summarise the task and this will be followed by a questionnaire. Some tasks require video recording. It is preferably to make a good impression as this will lose your further opportunities and you will be paid accordingly.

Once your review gets approval from the company you will be paid. The company pays you fair amount which is $10 for every task of yours that gets approved. Payment are made through PayPal on every Friday of the week.

Good things about trymyui.com:

  • It pays through reliable method that is through PayPal and payments are processed on every Friday.
  • The website pays $10 for just few minutes you invest.
  • People all over the world can use it.

Bad things about trymyui.com:

  • Not many tasks are available on weekly basis.
  • Without many tasks it is impossible to earn a decent amount of money.


After viewing all the points with detail I had come to the conclusion that trymyui.com has nothing to be called as scam. There are proof over internet about the payment issue of trymyui. There are people who have been paid $10 per test. It’s a pretty good site for people who are looking ways to earn cash and for the companies who are finding ways to interact with customers in order to discover honest feedback.

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In case of any doubts and queries please feel free to comment in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome to share their views and opinions.




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