UK Mobile Promo Lottery , It’s a Scam UK Mobile Promo Lottery , It’s a Scam

Have you ever got an email regarding winning a Coke Lottery or the UK LOTTERY? Yes, you have got that kind of email. It is very usual because many people receive such an email of winning a lottery. So now, we want to clear it in the first instance that it is a scam. Nobody has won this lottery, in real. It is a pure scam. This is a fake email and it is not associated with any reputed company. The coke company does not need to draw lottery for people. Within the email, you can find the link to a website It is a fake website. Scammers use such sites for looting the people. If you saw the site by yourself, you will find that such as site is idiotic and does not look like any kind genuine site.

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Since you are reading this article it means you are looking for the information about There might be some question running through your mind like is UK Mobile Promo Scam? Or is Coke Lottery a Scam? Congrats you are reading the right article to get the answers to such question. Will we provide you an insight of the site and the working of such scam? Information and awareness about the scam help you to save your lots of money.

There was a joke about a man who prays to God every day that “God, please help me to win a lottery”. He prayed for many years, in the end, the God told him that please, for God Sake buy the ticket, first. But today the scammers have superseded the God. They are declaring winners to people who never buy a ticket or any receipt of a lottery. You know that if you do not buy any ticket then how will you are going to win the lottery. The lottery organizers, one of the sources to earn money is by selling the ticket. They are not getting any profit out of this, therefore, no one is going to win any kind of money. In reality, nobody does such a lucky draw because doing so they are not going to have any profit. If any person wants to donate or just want to give away his money then he can give it to charity. It will be purposeful also and they can have their share of self-satisfaction.

If you are thinking that such emails and scamming method is new then you are wrong. Such kind of emails is scamming people from a very long time. People sometimes fall into their trap because these emails use the name of giant companies like Coke, FIFA, Amancio Ortega, Google etc. Another reason for falling into the trap is that the amount such kind of emails shows the people is very huge. The heave price money partially blinds the people and they think that it can happen, everybody got lucky in their lifetime. People want to believe it because their mind is forcing them to believe it. It is so because believing in these emails they have profit. In reality, nothing happens. Scammer knows this fact that people by seeing the heave price money will not be going to question them and also they start to dream of spending such kind of money instantly. These way scammers deceive the innocent people.

How do they succeed to cheat people?

The scammers first try to get every bit of information from the people. The information at the present digital world is the ‘new oil’ of the 21st century. They sucked every bit of information such as full name and address, personal numbers, their date of birth, marital status, their occupation, and so on. In short, they try to extract your personal information from you. When you send your details to them, they call back you and make you believe that email is not a scam and you really won a lottery. They talk in such a convincing manner that people believe them and maybe also it becomes easier because people want to believe them. It is so because believing them they are going to fulfill their desires of the materialistic world.

Many smart people step back at the initial level. They just ignore and avoid the email. Some people step back when scammers try to extract their personal and financial information from them or when they call them to convince the people. But some people still, fall into the trap. It is purely because of ignorance, unawareness and greedy nature of human beings. These people are the daydreamers who believe that time will come when they will become lucky and they also have everything without making any effort. They did not think much about the scammer’s actions. They do not question back the scammers. They did not ask why the company is asking for fees. Why they cannot just cut the amount of the prize money and send you the remaining balance. Once the people send the money or fees to the scammers as per their directives, they just disappear and never replies back to the people.

Scammers also generate revenue for them by selling your information to the third party. The party is anonymous to them also. They can use your information in any way. They can send spam emails, messages or irregular calls. They can use your financial information to hack your account or steal money from your account online. Never ever submit your information or details to any site or website that are luring you. They can use your credit card details and left you with nil account, without asking you. If you have not submitted any information to them then it is good. But if by mistake you have already sent them your details then immediately contact your bank and told them about this incident.

The sample of the email message is below. It is taken from the official site of the UK Lottery.

uk mobile promo info


The is a scam site. They are not real people. Nobody has won any lottery here. They are just fooling you. We advise you to mark spam such emails and also avoid them in the initial stage.

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